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The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen; Here's How They Make The Colombo BBQ Scene Better

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen is all about crafting up better BBQ.

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What makes a great BBQ? Perfectly juicy meat, its tender quality, proper fat rendering, the right rub of spices and sauces, the firm, caramelised exterior, the whiff of smokiness - all these add up to one darn good BBQ that one cannot resist. 

Now, who makes great BBQ? Colombo city has been mushrooming with grills for the past couple of years, but it's not easy to come across a place that ticks all the right boxes - well, until now. 

Unveiling, The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen!

Located down Flower Road, The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen knows the fine art of crafting up better BBQ. With every popular meat and seafood variety that you can possibly think of, this is a grill that any meat-loving foodie shouldn't miss. 

The ambience here is quite unique. The dark-coloured walls touched with a dash of simple, yet vivacious form of graffiti art, it certainly has this unexpected dose of excitement. 

To match with it, they have arranged a bunch of neat wooden furniture. Each table is well-lit, and this chunky wood-based wall decoration next to them is quite catchy.

So, What's On The Grill?

Well, like we stated previously, pretty much everything - from chicken, pork, beef, lamb to sausages prawns, cuttlefish and seer.

Plus, they have a range of classic side dishes, like garlic bread, French fries, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes and simple salads. They're some good stuff to munch on along with the "real deal". 

We particularly enjoyed the mashed potatoes. It was creamy, cheesy and absolutely buttery, with a touch of herbs. 

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen also serves up a nice selection of dipping sauces to give that sweet, tangy, spicy or smoky edge on your meat.

For example, if you want to make your lamb/pork chops a burning sensation, make good use of their Kochchi dipping. Or perhaps a zesty kick? They have this intensely sour dipping sauce that resembles the flavour profile of the typical lunu dehi (lime pickle).

And the best of all is that you can mix and match these flavours and gobble them down with a glass of something boozy, as they're BYOB.

Quality cuts of meats are mandatory in the preparation of better BBQ, and The Grill by Doctor's Kitchen does it well. This is one big rack, and it's packed with meat.

Wonderfully caramelised from the outside, the meat has a nice pink-ish tint from the inside, and is very tender, and yet attached to the bone - signs that it had been grilled to perfection.

"Where there's smoke, there's flavour", and that's a fact. The Grill By The Doctor's Kitchen uses the freshest meats, let them rest inside a smoker, blush them with sauces, and then grill them on a charcoal grill. This is how they make some of the softest lamb and beef chops we've had to date. 

The beauty of better BBQ always relies on the meat itself, and the flavour ensemble they create with the smoke. With just the right amount of sauces, The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen makes their dishes more accentuate and flavourful. 

Incorporated with Choco Luv, the refreshing array of drinks they serve is pretty impressive as well. Using simple, basic ingredients, they have made some creative mocktails, including a fantastic Passion Thambili (king coconut).

What Else?

Aside from the exceptional BBQ, sides and drinks, Doctor's Kitchen has a lot more to offer - like outdoor dining with shisha, live music (every Saturday), and live screening of various sports encounters. They're also pet friendly and has a cosy private dining space if you're throwing a party. 

In Conclusion,

Managed by a team of doctors, The Grill by Doctor's Kitchen is a place for better BBQ, booze and good times. Their offerings are vast, and they seem to be doing a killer job at it. This is only a sneak peek, and we're planning to check them out again for our full, detailed review, so stay tuned!

Visit the grill at 16 Flower Rd, Colombo 07, or simply give a call at 0740225226 to order.
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