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The Kottu Finding; 6 Places That Serve Some Unique Kottus

Here are 6 of the most unique kottus in CMB.

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Kottu roti is a popular street dish consumed throughout the country and among the Sri Lankan diaspora. Over time, many have experimented with kottu and added some unique preparations. Thus, we explored the latest Kottu findings and how the kottu game has evolved. Check out these places and the kottu, which you can enjoy by yourself or with family and friends.

Pot Kottu

A popular eatery at Boralesgamuwa, it has changed the concept of the traditional kottu. The Pot Kottu, serves various types of kottu from pork, fish, bacon, and sausages, which they serve in clay pots. Each kottu comes with a fried egg, zucchini, parsely and some dried-shrimp packed chilli paste.

Location: 37C Vihara Mawatha, Pepiliyana Rd

Telephone: 077 374 3590

Hotel de Pilawoos

The famous Pilawoos is the ideal spot for a late-night kottu. Whether it be dolphin kottu or masala kottu, they have mastered every preparation over time and are still the best at it. Their Chicken Cheese Kottu is a must try — a cheesy and creamy concoction with pieces of roast chicken mixed into it. You can pair it with their iconic iced milo, which is a combo that'd never leave you dissatisfied.

Location: 417 Galle Road, Colombo 3

Telephone: 0777417417

Kottu Labs

This is another place that has unique preparations and conceptualized kottus which also serves Family size and Party size kottu sawans. It's probably the only place where your kottu can be customized. The Babath Curry Kottu and the Cheesy Seafood Kottu are two of the must-trys from the lab. The family sawan can serve up to 4 to 5 persons and the party sawan is easily enough for 9 to 10 persons.

Location 31, D. M. Colombage Mawatha, Nawala Rd, Nugegoda.

Telephone: 77 668 0000

Hotel De Plaza

One of the most popular joints for kottu is the Hotel De Plaza. The Plaza is known by those who frequent the place.  It’s famous for its Chicken Cheese Masala Kottu and the Signature Chicken Cheese Dolphin Kottu.

Location: Deal Place, Colombo 3

Telephone: 0114 852 600 

Kottu Kade

This place experiments with a lot of masala and tikka kottu. The Chicken Tikka Kottu served with grilled chicken tikka and tandoori gravy easily stands out from the crowd for obvious reasons. It operates as a cloud kitchen and can always be ordered through UberEats or PickMe Fodd.

Location: W.A. Silva Mawatha, Colombo 06

Telephone: 0112 058 462

01 The Cauldron

A fan of pol roti, and want to try something pol roti related? The Cauldron serves a good Pol Roti Kottu. They have 2 kinds, called the Sri Lankan Pol Roti Kottu and the three Cheese Pol Roti Kottu with Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozarella. Drop by The Cauldron to try this version of the kottu.

 Location: Stratford Avenue | Kirulapone, Colombo 6.

 Telephone: 94 11 2 366243

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