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Let's Tuk Our Way To Wine & Dine; The Tuk Tuk Wine & Dine

A place to wine & dine!

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*This post is brought to you by The Tuk Tuk Wine & Dine

Did you know, that we have a "little Rome," just a few kilometres away from Colombo? A lively fishing town lodged between a lagoon that plays host to many exotic species and a sprawling, palm-dotted beach, along with a dash of colonial charm, this town is known as Negombo. Combined with warm hospitality and impeccable food, Negombo has so many interesting things under their wing, and given how close it is to Colombo, planning a trip to this wonderful town won't take ages.

However, if you really want to embrace everything this charismatic beach town has to offer, it's better to spend a night here and take your time. And we've got just the place that you should walk into, especially if you're looking to dine, wine and stay without drilling a hole in your wallet.

The Tuk Tuk Wine & Dine

Just 500 meters away from Negombo beach lies The Tuk Tuk Wine & Dine, a funky boutique hotel accompanied by an eatery and a bar. Whether it be family outings, couple's getaway, or tripping with your friends, Tuk Tuk Wine & Dine has got you covered, with well-curated accommodation options and great food.

Frutti De Mara

The food here is super interesting - especially the pizzas. Aside from a couple of usuals like Margarita and Chicken & Bacon, the rest has a twist of their own. Take the Sri Lankan On Your Way for an example. In here, you can assort it as you like, by opting for two kinds of meat from a range of options - chicken, beef, seafood, pork, pork bacon, fish and chicken ham, as well as the veggies - tomato, onions, curry leaves, green chillies, spicy tomato curry, sauce and also generous amounts of mozzarella cheese.

Sri Lankan On Your Way

They also have more toppings that we usually do not come across, such as Mutton Kheema and Schezwan Beef. It's really a representation of how creative they are at binding flavours from different culinary styles to this beloved Italian delicacy.

Schezwan Beef

Plus, their sawans of rice and kottu are a solid option if you're having a family party at home.

All these can be accompanied by frothy mugful of beer, or any kind of booze you prefer. They're known for their refreshing, boozy cocktails too, and also, do not forget to check out their shisha.

Aside from food, they also have a plethora of activities to keep you occupied, such as pool and foosball. You'll really dig the festive vibe they have here, enhanced by the colourful and aesthetic pieces of artwork. It's always happening here, but Fridays are very, very special as they have themed events going on.

If you're in Negombo, The Tuk Tuk Wine & Dine is an experience itself, and you should not miss it. With good, unique food, cheerful vibe, comfy accommodation and happy staff, your experience here will be simply unforgettable.

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