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Vauxhall Street: Where To Eat

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Vauxhall Street and the lanes surrounding it aren't the most picturesque of places. But it's an officey area, and as with most officey areas it's become a feeding ground for hungry executives – which means it's got some good food. There are peti kades and bath kades dotted all the way up and around the street. But with so many choices, which one do you go for?

Here are the two Vauxhall-area establishments we liked the most - and seemed the least likely to give you a bad tummy the next day:

The New Pillawoos: 163/1 Kew Road (just a little to the left of the Vauxhall roundabout)

The food's not bad. Not worth venturing too far out of your way for, but if you're in the hood and hungry, have a visit. The service is fast and efficient, but don't expect too many smiles. They're not the cheeriest bunch, but that's fine. (read more)

Millennium Restaurant: 273/1 Vauxhall Street, Col 2. Tel 0777633031

We like this place. It gives you the nice home-cooked sort of taste you look for in the small bath kade with clean, nicely presented food. The service is excellent, and they're friendly and swift. The Millennium restaurant is clearly popular – at any given time during the lunch rush there's about 15 people seated and waiting for their food. (read more)
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