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Wall's Magnum Ice Cream; Now In Sri Lanka

Wall's Magnum is now in SL.

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So I was casually doing my grocery a few weeks back and guess what I came across! A familiar logo that I haven't seen in a very long time.

Remember what it is?

If you still can't recall, perhaps the following music will ring some bells. 

It was a shelf full of Wall's Magnum ice cream, right inside the Häagen-Dazs freezer. So instantly, I brought the news to our team, and it was decided - "we've got to try them."

Wall's Magnum Ice Cream

Magnum is a Belgium ice cream brand owned by Wall's, which handles manufacturing and distribution operations through Unilever UK. We're not sure how they function in Sri Lanka though. 

However, these ice creams seem to be available in all of the main supermarkets, including Keells, SPAR Sri Lanka, Glomark, Cargills Food City and Arpico.

The Flavours

We spotted four flavours of ice cream bars - Classic, Almond, White Chocolate & Cookies, Ruby and Double Caramel. Each one is priced at Rs. 425.


Vanilla ice cream coated with a chocolate shell - it's classic. Unleashing a pleasant vanilla note, the ice cream itself was milky and had a hella smooth texture. As for the chocolate coating, it was rich, thick, absolutely chocolaty and broke off to shards so beautifully.


The basic idea here is similar to the Classic. It's vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate, but also with the addition of crunchy, chopped up almonds. Lots and lots of it! 

White Chocolate & Cookies

The White Chocolate & Cookies had a lot of elements at play. Creamy vanilla ice cream with a swirl of cookie mixed chocolate sauce running through its texture, this one is encased in white chocolate. The coating was plentiful with bits of cookies, which adds a contrast of texture while doubling up the cookie factor.

White chocolate never floats my boat, but I enjoyed this wholeheartedly. If you can't decide between vanilla or cookies, this is a happy medium.


The Ruby brings a taste of Ruby couverture chocolate, AKA pink chocolate, along with some vanilla ice cream, adorned with raspberry swirl. It's milky, sweet, and also has a hint of sourness.

Double Caramel

Out of the four flavours, this was our favourite. A delightful ensemble of vanilla ice cream, caramel and two layers of chocolate, it's sweet, wonderfully chocolaty, and refreshing. The vanilla ice cream lies in the middle, covered in chocolate, and then comes the gooey caramel sauce, followed by another layer of chocolate on the outside. So darn good!

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