Where To Eat This Weekend (12th of February, 2021)

5 places to visit this weekend.

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This week's list of weekend recommendations is inclusive of some fantastic desserts, superb lamprais, cheesy slices, Vietnamese treats and a load of healthy food.

Yasmin's Cafe

A cosy nook of a cafe in Thalawathugoda, Yasmin's Cafe fills the void of one of the most anticipated needs in the area - a dessert parlour. They have ice cream (Carino), cakes (from The Cake Factory) and waffles, as well as a range of coffee and milkshake to pair them with. The ambience is comfy as hell, so it's ideal for a weekend hangout, and even to get some work done in a calm, peaceful setting.

Lagoon Kitchen

Lagoon Kitchen's take on lamprais isn't authentic, but has a twist of their own, and it tastes quite good. We highly recommend the Mixed Meat Lamprais, which comes as an assortment of creamy ash plantain curry, sweet moju, meat-filled frikadels, prawn-y blanchan, a boiled, fried egg, and a delicious mixed meat curry. 

3Brothers Italian Bistro

A sister restaurant to the ever so popular Bavarian German Restaurant, 3Brother's Italian Bistro is a good option to grab a slice (or 8) this weekend. Raised at the edges and thin at the centre, they do a nice job with their crust, and quite generous with the toppings. 

Kim's Kitchen

The Vietnamese flavour hub in Battaramulla, Kim's Kitchen is a must-try if you wish to get some warm bowl of delicious Pho. Their food is cooked by a Vietnamese chef, has a very authentic touch to it, and tastes quite amazing.

The Daily Staple

The Daily Staple is all about crafting up sumptuous food, in the most healthy way. From what we gathered, now they have a range of homemade ice cream too, which we're quite eager to have a taste of.