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Where To Eat This Weekend (12th September)

A list of some of the best places to get food this long weekend.

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Long weekends don't come over very often this side of the year and when they do, we make sure we get the absolute best of them because the chances of another one coming anytime soon are as close to Christmas as anything else. 

We actually come up with one of these every Friday and considering how there isn't a Friday to work on, we decided to put one out a tad earlier. So, make use of this long weekend a bit better and drop by the 5 best restaurants of the week. Cheers! 

Takeout Lanka 

Takeout Lanka is a franchise burger restaurant that actually comes all the way from Bangladesh. We actually checked them out a while back when they just opened up and we weren't necessarily impressed. However, now they've got a brand new spot, with an all-new menu and boy are we happy we dropped by. Everything from the burgers to the fries to the milkshakes had glowed up. 

With juicy burgers that were perfect in just the right places and fries that put the fries we bought the last time to shame, we loved it.

Plus, they have the option of getting your burgers spicy, so if you think you can handle it, it's great.

Fatty Patty 

Not gonna lie, we were pretty sceptical about Fatty Patty when we first heard about them. But, we're pretty impressed by this one. With an ambience that's somehow a mix of every kid's childhood dream and the Mad Hatter's tea party, the place is in entirety what your parents didn't want you eating.

Bright, almost luminous drinks, burgers, and every sugary confection you could possibly think of, Fatty Patty has got them all. And while we can vouch that their burgers are worth looking out for, we suggest straying away from the drinks if you don't want a giant sugar rush big enough to give you a headache. 

Crepe Runner 

What started off as a food truck, Crepe Runner is now in a very stationary place in Mount and we are all for it. If you've read our previous review of Crepe Runner, this should come as no surprise that we positively loved the new outlet at Street Rush. If you haven't read either of the reviews, fear not. Here's a summary of it.

With thin, perfectly cooked crepes that come in both the sweet and savoury varieties, the crepes at Crepe Runner are brilliant! Ranging from Nutella to nuts to beef to Chicken, they have generously portioned out toppings that go perfectly well with the crepes. This is one of the good investments that you're not going to regret.

The Hookup 

If you, like many of us, are heavily into meat, this just might be the best place for you. From chicken to beef to pork to a range of seafood dishes, this restaurant in Thalawathugoda does meat right.

It's not every day that you come across Kalu Pol Pork with pol roti and we can guarantee that The Hookup's take on that is good enough to fall in love with at first whiff. Plus, if you're not into Sri Lankan fare, they've got a couple of solid Western fare as well. Get the Giant in the Cloud, that brisket is brilliant. 

S39 Pizzeria 

No matter how good it sounds, stuffing one's face with pizza is one task that's bound to leave our wallet bleeding out. Which is why we're positively ecstatic to bring this particular pizzeria into your life. Serving up some pretty good wood-fired pizza with some strange Lankan twists, S39 happens to be your best chances of overindulging on pizza with the least amount of damage. 

And when you do go, check out the furnace; it's super cool.

That's the tea for now friends. Have a delicious long weekend! We'll see you on the other side. 

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