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Where To Eat This Weekend (14th February 2020)

For those who aren't broke after this Friday.

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14th being the Friday you're probably broke this weekend. But for all those who aren't, here are our picks of places you can visit this weekend for some good food. If you're looking for romantic spots, you can find them here. 


Elevate has a variety of Lankan, Italian, Indian and Western Cuisine and they offer a solid lunch buffet priced at Rs. 1950. Situated 29 floors high, the food here will metaphorically and literally give you a food high. Make sure to order a Red Kiss on the side - a sweet, boozy kick that goes well with the spread. 

Arcadia Cafe & Restaurant

One of the most gorgeous restaurants on the block, Arcadia's ambience itself is one of the aspects that we'd recommend you to go here for. That being said, the food is also quite good, and they've got an exciting and extensive menu. 

Madras Masala Restaurant

No list on the menu is complete without an Indian spot, and undoubtedly Madras Masala certainly makes it here. Easy on the wallet and possessing Veg and Non-Veg fare, Madras Masala is rapidly becoming one of the most popular spots in Wellawatte.

House On The Moon (Food Studio)

Classic and modern: the two types of desserts found at House on the Moon. “Desserts are the fairytales of the kitchen, a happily ever after to supper” and so true to when you look at the fare at House On The Moon. Whether to appease your sweet tooth, whether it is your 'cheat day', or you just wish to indulge in sweetness, House On The Moon serves up works of art as delicious as it looks.

Shawarmaz @ GP

As the name suggests, Shawarmaz @ GP does shawarmas, and one of the best hummus dishes we've come across. Two can easily survive under Rs. 2000 here, so if you are broke, but still want to go out and eat this weekend, you can check it out!

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