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Where To Eat This Weekend (17th January, 2020)

No promises of a long weekend? You can still contribute towards a colourful one!

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After 2020 brought with it the promise of long weekends, this particular one seems a bit bland (just two days, we're fuming at this atrocity too). But it doesn't have to be so!

Here are our top picks from the restaurants we visited this week, and it will definitely make your weekend so much more colourful.

Café 1959

Coffee houses are available at every nook and cranny of Colombo, but ones that do good coffee? We seldom do come across. Which is why we absolutely loved our experience at Cafe 1959! Not only they do some incredible coffee, but they also serve an array of some interesting desserts by Fig & Owl. 

Belmio Pizza

Belmio Pizza is your best bet for thin-crust pizza around Thalawatugoda. They've got a quaint, little spot right next to Cafe 47, and serve a collection of pizza loaded with meats and cheese, cooked from a giant, wood-fired, clay oven.

They're equipped with an arsenal of other exciting treats too, like Caprese Salads and Chocolate Brownies.

Baked Colombo

Baked Colombo is in the possession of one of the most pleasant ambiences we've come across in a long time. Pastel hues adorning the place, creative pieces of furniture brought together, it almost looks like a Pinterest board. Their food is second to none too. A plethora of relishing desserts and some of the most delicious and cheapest Pizza we've come across, we'd totally recommend. 

Chef Rooster

Aluthkade: one of my favourite spots for some great street food, and this gem of a place, Chef Rooster, is found amongst the many exciting places to eat. Open until 2 in the morning, from burgers and subs to pasta and chicken and all sorts of greasy, mouthwatering food, it has it all. 

Arthur's Pizzeria (Horton Place)

Arthur's Pizza has established for itself a name in the hearts of all those who adore pizza, and their outlet at Horton Place is as great as the rest. Paired with a cosy ambience and unorthodox pizza flavours, we loved our experience here. 

The Biryani Restaurant

The Biriyani Restaurant is the place to go for some Biriyani that will blow your mind! The biriyani here isn't simply just a dish that they make here. It's their sole focus. Every component from the deliciously minty chutney to the tart and creamy raita is curated lovingly by the chef.  

Well, there you have it, our top picks for the week. Have a lovely weekend!

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