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Where To Eat This Weekend (18th of October, 2019)

Looking to take a leap out of your comfort zone this weekend?

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Sticking to one reliable place that serves great food and at an affordable rate is quite comfortable, but... where's the fun in that? Here are some of the best places we discovered just this week! 

So if you're looking for some lowkey adventure this weekend and willing to move out of your comfort zone (that's where the best things happen!) this weekend, here are 5 places you can try out that, we guarantee, won't disappoint!

Cafe 40

We can give you 40 and more reasons to check out this relatively new place in Rajagirya, with the Mac & Cheese (Rs. 450) and the Apple and Ginger Juice (Rs. 350), making it right at the top! With its golden-hued ambience, comfortable and creative seating arrangements, and variety of food, Cafe 40 is a must-have on your "Places To Check Out" list (we certainly do hope you have one, because whoever loved monotony?).  

Mint Restaurant

Having an arsenal of delectable delicacies to choose from, Mint Restaurant is barely a week old and shows a LOT of promise. Their Sea Bass (Rs. 530) and Filet Mignon (Rs. 1250) swept us off of our feet, teasing our tastebuds with flavourful comestibles. Tucked away in a cosy corner of Vauxhall Street, Mint Restaurant seems to be devoid of the hustle and bustle around it and is a perfect place to try this weekend. 

Rusty Rhodes 

Rusty Rhodes is the smoothest road you can take to reach your destination of an amazing burger. Recently joining the food court at the Crescat Boulevard, this place provides you with an amazing variety of burgers, and also submarines, wraps and rice-based dishes.

One of the best burgers we had was the Fat Cow (no, of course, we were not looking at you with a snide grin while reading that out). Priced at Rs. 980, this juicy meaty mess comes with two giant beef patties, topped off with two slices of cheese, and a pile of lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles at the bottom. We're going to do ourselves a favour and not carry on to describe the rest of their amazing burgers (of course we don't notice you thinking to yourself "who's the fat cow now, haha") but do check them out this sometime soon, and prepare to be mindblown. 

Moksha Vegetarian

Situated in Piliyandala, Moksha Restaurant is one of the best Indian/vegetarian places we ever had the opportunity of coming across. Greeted by a wooden sculpture of Ganesha, whom the Hindus believe is the God of new beginnings, Moksha Vegetarian promises your tastebuds the beginning of an exciting journey - which you may choose to take in the form of the delectable Indian Thaali (Rs. 550), the enormous and satisfying Paneer Dosa (Rs. 400), their one of a kind Onion Paratha (Rs. 150), and homemade Kulfi (Rs. 180). 

Coffee & Bread On 27th 

The name itself explains the menu at Coffee & Bread, and they also do cakes too. From their Sour Dough Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Rs. 750), Chocolate Tres Leches (Rs. 500), Maximilian  (Rs. 590) to their Indian Espresso Cappucino (Rs. 420)  and Lemonade (Rs. 390), the food and drinks here were enchanting.

Equally enchanting and pretty was the interior of the cafe, which looked like the workplace of a Fairy Troll (no, we did not just make up an entirely new species of mythical creatures, pfft), with bits and bobs of varying paraphernalia brought together to create that perfect orderly chaos vibe. 

We hope these suggestions will assist in breaking the monotony this weekend, hope you have a good one!

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