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Where To Eat This Weekend (20th December)

Your last chance at trying out some amazing (and yet unhealthy) food before your NY resolutions start kicking in!

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It's the weekend before Christmas! The year is almost at an end *appalled gasp*, and we know you'd want to look good from next year onwards, so this might be one of your last chances to try out some of that greasy, oily, fatty foods that bring about bursts of flavour that taste so good!

Here are the top picks from the list of places we tried out this week! 

Elite Indian Restaurant (Kollupitiya)

Imagine your usual Indian Restaurant, with the relishing, mouthwatering, filling, spicy food, the affordable and reasonable prices; Elite Indian has it all, and they have worked upon cancelling out the usual hubbub of an Indian spot and maintains a spotlessly clean atmosphere that also has a cosy vibe to it.

Their menu too has a lot to offer, from Cashew Pulao and Murthabha to Submarines, Burgers and Kottu. 

Corn Cart

Craving for some legit corn? Corn Cart has it, and much more. Boasting of an arsenal of exciting and unorthodox flavours, you can get them either on the cob or in a plastic cup according to your convenience.

They have flavours ranging from Chicken Blast (one of our favourites), Choco Fun, Kiri Pani and the good ol' Original. 

Cafe Rafaella

Giovanni's cafe counterpart, Cafe Rafaella boasts of an arsenal of mindblowing dishes, including some of the best pasta we've had, perfectly appetizing Garlic Bread, and some stellar biscuit pudding that will rock your socks.

Easily one of the best places to grab a quick fix, and totally worth the money you would spend. 

Tides Restaurant (Marino Beach Hotel)

Everyone loves a solid buffet, and the more, the better, and that is exactly what Tides Restaurant delivers.

They serve an International Cuisine in the form of a buffet and are armed with an arsenal of perfectly prepared food that will surely induce you into a food coma. 

Chola Indian Restaurant (One Galle Face)

A plethora of rich, relishing Indian food for grabs, Chola at One Galle Face is a solid deal. Everything on their menu is prepared to perfection and, although the prices might be a bit on the steeper side, it's totally worth it. 

BBQ Station

Our experience at BBQ Station was of the highest quality. The quantity of food they give for the price they charge is great and the food itself was pretty top-notch. That, combined with how nice the ambience is and how efficient the service was, we're going to go out on a limb and say that if you're looking for a place to get your meat on, BBQ Station is a definite recommend on our part. Their platters are juicy and succulent, and have a wide variety of meats adorning them!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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