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Where To Eat This Weekend (26th of July, 2019)

6 places to satisfy your cravings this weekend!

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Another weekend is here, and wondering what to do? No worries machang, we've got your back! From cinnamon rolls to cheesy pizzas, here's our list of recommendations for a gastronomical adventure this weekend. 

The Happy Baker

The food that The Happy Baker does makes everyone so happy, which is why they sell out so fast. Operating from their home base, this baker whips up waffles, paninis, egg muffins, paratha and kiribath, paired with the most interesting fillings/sides. Pork baduma, bacon and cheese, mutton curry, black pork curry, and mackerel to name a few. We didn't have the best experience with their waffles, but we surely enjoyed their no-carb egg muffins and pork panini. Available on Uber Eats and pick up from Mount Lavinia. 

Peppermint Cafe

Craving for a meaty burger, cheesy pasta, or a giant piece of chocolate cake 2.53 in the morning? Worry no more, because Peppermint Cafe has got you covered. This is the only 24/7 cafe in Colombo at the moment and paired with friendly service and steller ambience it's a good place to hang out this weekend. They claim themselves as a pet-friendly spot too, so take your dog/cat or any furry friend you may have and let us know how that goes. 

7 Tea

7 Tea is the newest bubble tea joint in town, but they're not just focused on that. They've got a bunch of interesting toasties to pair your bubble tea with - Peanut Butter Toasts, Omelette Paninis and such. 

Nelum Kole (Kohuwala)

Sri Lanka is THE buth island. We gobble down mountains of buth with curries any time of the day, and therefore, we have no shortage of rice & curry spots. But, for some weird reason, we still get super excited whenever there's a new buth kadey. Nelum Kole is a new addition to the buth scene in Nugegoda area, and they serve their rice and curries on lotus leaves. If you happen to find yourself here this weekend, make sure to try their devilled soya and fish curry. 

Caterina Pizzeria

A crispy crust combined with melted cheese, sauce and topped off with almost anything that you can think of, pizza is one of the best things in life. Which is why hearing about a new pizza joint in town is always exciting. Caterina Pizzeria is the newest addition to Colombo's growing pizza scene and they do some good thin-crust pizza cooked from a clay oven. We spotted around 25 kinds of toppings in here, comprised of different meats - chicken, beef, mutton and also seafood and veg. They make sure to cover every inch of your pizza with the toppings you pick, so the flavours are surely satisfying. 


We finally found a home-based cinnamon roll maker! Cinnabrown's cinnamon rolls come with a range of interesting toppings, while the base is absolutely soft and fluffy. Beautifully dusted with cinnamon powder, the Sugar Glazed one was a favourite among the whole YAMU team.

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