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Where To Eat This Weekend (31st January, 2020)

6 places for a yummy weekend.

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2020 hasn't been a good year so far. The Australian bush fires, the talk of World War 3 and the deadly carinovirus claiming lives at a rapid pace; all of these have made this year a very tough one. With everything that has been going on, including the unhealthy levels of air quality in Colombo city, it's probably not the safest time to go out and celebrate, which is why we're presenting some of the best restaurants in the city which are also available for delivery. 

Pizza Napolitana

Make it a slice weekend with Pizza Napolitana. Serving up some excellent thin-crust pizza cooked from a wood-fired oven, Pizza Napolitana is also known for their hilarious, vintage style posts on their Facebook. They are quite generous with their toppings, so each slice is loaded with the meats you pick. So it's absolutely value for money too. 


Colombo has its fair share of Japanese food but not all of them does good ramen. Named after one of the 19 Kagerō-class destroyers, Hamakaze is one such spot that you can go for, when you crave for this particular bowl of soupy noodles. Featuring a messy tangle of their homemade noodles, they do both pork and chicken ramen, in both orthodox and Lankan style. What you see in the picture belongs to the latter. Seasoned to high heaven with spices, this is right up your alley if you're one of those people who look for the Lankan flavour palette in everything you eat, including ramen. 

Dae Jang Geum

Dae Jang Geum is a Korean resto that does it with a super authentic touch. The presentation of their Bibimbap isn't the best there is, but in terms of flavour, it's top-notch. They do a solid Doenjang Soup too. 

Santai Colombo

Lured by the promise of authentic Malaysian fare, Santai Colombo is one of the very few places in Colombo who lives up it. From Satay Ayam to Nyonya Laksa to Nasi Lemak to Apam Balik, everything they've got is spot on and we're all for it. Plus, it's the only restaurant in Colombo that you can get Ipoh coffee. 

Health House by Fit Meals

If you want to kick off this weekend in a healthy way, try the Health House by Fit Meals. Their grilled-meat based dishes are a must-try, especially the Grilled Peanut Chicken and Penne Florence with Grilled Beef. 

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