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Where To Eat This Weekend (6th December, 2019)

As the week comes to a close, here's our list of places you could check out during the weekend.

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It's Friday morning y'all. Yet another exhausting week comes to an end and we're sure that like us, you too are eagerly waiting for that 9 to 5 shift to end to be able to officially enjoy the weekend.

 And as always, we're back at it again with our list of favourite places of the week. So, if you do have time to check them out during the weekend, here are our recommendations.  

Chesma's Natural Cookies

Found in a literal sliver of space on the 5the level of One Galle Face, Chesma's Natural Cookies were an instant hit with us. The buttery, melt in your mouth cashew shaped cookies come in a bunch of flavours that aren't of your everyday cookie variety. From Cherry to Nutella to Rosemary and Green Tea, there's a heap of flavours to try and the best part is, the staff lets you try them all before making your purchase. They're perfect for the season because they'd work beautifully in a hamper. 

Cuisine De Ceylon

Even though our work predominantly deals with food, when Bilaal asked us not to bring lunch on Wednesday, we had no idea that it would end up like this. With a solid 10 people surrounding this giant heap of rice and curry, what was supposed to feed just 6 managed to feed a lot more than we'd anticipated. With a plate full of fluffy, beautifully aromatic rice and some pretty stellar curries to accompany it, Cuisine de Ceylon is ideal for when you have people over but can't be bothered cooking. 

A Minute By Tuk Tuk (One Galle Face)

A Minute by Tuk Tuk happens to be one of our favourite restaurants in Galle. And joining the myriad of restaurants taking up space at Colombo's biggest deal at the moment, One Galle Face, A Minute by Tuk Tuk promised us a good meal and delivered to perfection. Whether it be through their Coriander and Lemongrass Mojito or their Roast Paan and Isso curry, it matters not. If you're looking somewhere a little bit fancy with good food, this is a solid option to go with. 

The FoodCycle

If you're looking for burgers, we suggest going with Food Cycle. Found smack dab in front of St Peter's College, Food Cycle proved to be a stellar place to get your fix of burgers, subs and kottu. Whether it is during the day or not, it doesn't really matter. 

The VoV Coffee Lounge

The VoV Coffee lounge has been around for some time for producing vegan food that somehow manages to satisfy vegans and meat-eaters alike. No matter how hard PETA tries, I've always leant more towards being more of an omnivore than a herbivore. And I can guarantee that you won't miss your meat when you're here. They have a whole bunch of stuff you wouldn't expect, we say give it a shot fam. 

Lemon Square

And after making that rather laborious trip Wattala on a weekday we came across Lemon Square. They happen to market themselves as an Indian restaurant, but however, we should tell you that that isn't really the case. The Indian food like naan turns up after 6 pm. That being said though, we tried their Mixed Fried Rice and their Chicken Rice and Curry and we loved it!

Caker St. 

Serving up a range of slightly doughy but nice nonetheless pancakes with a host of accompaniments, Caker Street turned out to be a good place to get your pancake needs satisfied. So, the next time you're craving soft, bluffy cake-like pancakes and you can't be bothered making it at home, we suggest giving Caker Street a shot. 

Ko Roti

Like Caker St., Ko Roti also happens to be a home venture that's dedicated to serving up some stellar renditions of kottu that no one saw coming. From Biriyani Kottu to Devilled Thai Seafood Kottu, Ko Roti does some solid kottu options if you're looking for something a little more adventurous than your everyday Chicken Kottu.  

Makotoya (One Galle Face)

Our final one on our list also happens to be one of the newer restaurants in the herd of them at One Galle Face. Makotoya happens to satiate the Japanese cuisine part of One Galle Face. With a menu of donburis, ramen and classic Japanese appetisers, Makotoya proved itself to be one of our most recommended places to go to when you're looking for a solid bowl of ramen. Not only do they get most of their ingredients from Japan, but, they also allow you to customise your bowl any way you want it to. 

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