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Where To Eat This Weekend (March 8)

Weekends are for resting and also... feasting.

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Weekends are for resting and also... feasting. Here we have listed some of the places we've been to this week so that if you have the time, you can mayhaps drop by. 

Doner and Dürüm

A restaurant in Thimbirigasyaya that serves a variety of meaty shawramas, rice dishes, burgers, salads - there is something for everyone here whether you are a meat lover or a salad person, Doner and Dürüm is your place to eat next.


Located on Havelock Road is the place to get your waffle on. From sweet to savoury, they have it all and our writers enjoyed every bite going by their review. So if you are looking to appease your savoury or sweer waffle fix, this one is it.

Kang's Kitchen 

For those who enjoy their Korean soaps, Kang's Kitchen offers up delectable Korean fare. From Bibimbap to soups, to Kimchijigae, our writers enjoyed some and not some but if you don't know anything about food, there will be someone to guide you to the best dishes. If you feel you need an adventure, you should then drop in at Kang's Kitchen.

Bao House

This place has noodles, soups, rice-centred specialities, house specialities and a hotpot. We recommend the Hong Kong Style Pork Chow Mein, which our writers really enjoyed and going by its picture, it looks like something you'd like to wrap your tastebuds around.

Smokestacks by Licensed to Grill

Licensed to Grill has finally come to Colombo with an all-new look! The menu is made up of slow-cooked meat (chicken, beef, pork, and lamb), a range of pastas, burgers and sandwiches. A definite go-to place for the meat lover.

Superfood Cafe 

Build Your Own Bowl, or settle for a pre-customised bowl of health food. At Superfood you can opt for the items you would like to eat like mixed salad leaves, warm couscous, avocado, zucchini, roasted pumpkin, quail egg, Halloumi cheese, garlic, carrot, baked eggplant paste and a type of meat. We have been told it is as healthy as it should be and as tasty as this picture looks. 

Happy eating folks.

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