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Where To Get Late-Night Grub

A list of places on PickMe Food that's got you covered for your late-night food needs.

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*Brought to you by PickMe Food.

It's midnight, you're hungry, no one else is awake and the only thing you have in your fridge is an old bottle of strawberry jam that's been there since your mother decided to make Christmas cake in December. 

Being hungry at midnight is one thing we've all been through. Thus we know how horrendously undesirable it could be. Which is pretty much why we're positively ecstatic to bring you this particular article. 

Presenting, a list of late-night places to get food delivered from on hideous nights like this - exclusively via PickMe Food. 

New Muhamadhiya Hotel - Wellawatte

New Muhamadhiya Hotel in Wellawatte is a one-stop-shop for your everyday pasta, devilled chicken and Kottu needs. From rice to Fried rice to devilled proteins, New Muhamadhiya has got you covered. 

Star Hotel and Bakers - Fort

Fort has a lot of shops to choose from. And the Star Hotel and Bakers is yet another one of those. From Biriyani to String Hoppers to a bunch of rice and curried options, Star Hotel and Bakers is quite possibly one of your best shots of stomachal satisfaction at midnight. 

Cafe 4 U, Dehiwala 

Situated in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Cafe 4 U is essentially the one place you'll find everything from devilled prawns to egg fried rice to a BBQ chicken with an egg placed as a head. We're not kidding. I mean, can you even go wrong with this?

Everything Pilawoos 

May it is "Grand", "New" or "Hotel de", we don't think anyone does late night as well as a Pilawoos. Whether it be for iced milo or just a plain old Cheese Kottu, Pilawoos is the King of late-night grub, which is why they've got like 10 of them on their list. 

Official Name  Town
Grand Pila Hotel De Pillawoos Battaramulla
Grand Pila Hotel De Pillawoos  Dehiwala
New Pilawoos Hotel Kalubowila
Grand Pila New Pillawoos Balapokuna
Hotel De Pillawoos Mount Lavinia
Grand Pila Hotel De Pillawoos Ratmalana
Pilawoos Bakers  Dematagoda
Hotel De Pillawoos Wellawatte
Pilawoos Premium Kollpity
Pilawoos Kollpity 


That's all we have for now. But, we guarantee that there's more from where this came from. So, we suggest keeping a lookout. 

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