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YAMU Loves: Fish Ambul Thiyal, Polos and Pol Sambol Wrap at Noteworthy

We YAMUites frequently find ourselves at Noteworthy, for one reason and one reason only - the Ambul Thiyal, Polos and Pol…

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favorite food and drink around the city.

Noteworthy Cafe is one of the latest cafe entrants in Colombo's growing coffee shop scene. Tucked in between the popular (yet not so great) Coffee Bean and Nawaloka’s Cafe Seventy Seven in Maitland Crescent, it has become a silent contender to both, by serving up some good coffee along with a range of great snacks.

Anyway, during our review we discovered something deliciously impressive, and ever since then we frequently find ourselves at Noteworthy Cafe for one reason, and one reason only. It’s a dish that unites three of Sri Lanka’s best delicacies wrapped into one - quite literally in this case.

All hail the Fish Ambul Thiyal, Polos and Pol Sambol Wrap! 

Living in an island full of people who know the art of blending the sour, hot, peppery flavors and spices into a single plate, and having taste buds that can handle all that heat, is seriously brag worthy. And this dish right here is made for Sri Lankan palates.

Let me start with the wrap. It’s light, nicely grilled, with a slight buttery texture and a nice crunch to boot. The filling, as you can already see, is a mouthful. As the name suggests it has a generous blend of ambul thiyal, polos and pol sambol which might try to spill out through the sides of the wrap, simply because you get to chew on a big chunk of its filling with every bite.

The cubes of ambul thiyal ooze out with a nice peppery hit with the significant sourness that emerges through tamarind and goraka, while a bit of heat that comes from the chilis in the pol sambol gives a delightful spicy kick to it. It has plenty of perfectly marinated polos pieces, which are a nice chewy addition to munch on. With a hint of garlic that binds the whole filling, this dish gives you that oomph with the deliciously balanced sour and spicy flavors. 

So head on over to Noteworthy Cafe and grab yourself a wrap full of island's beloved flavors, preferably with a pot of hot tea, or a cuppa, and sink in!  

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