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YAMU Loves: Highland Chocolate Milk

This stuff is probably what dreams are made of. Yamu Loooooooooooooooves Highland's Chocolate Milk. We're pretty sure you do,…

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favorite food and drink around the city.

What's the best Chocolate Milk you can get south of the Indian Ocean? Or around the entire damn globe? That's right- Highland Chocolate Milk! And not the packeted stuff nooo no, screw that- I'm talking about the 250ml of pure ecstasy you'll find in Highland's bottled Chocolate Milk. 

For the longest time, they pulled these bottles off the shelves due to some odd reason and we had to go the rest of our childhoods without them. But then suddenly, lo! They started springing up at random places and now the entire town is abuzz with Chocolate Milk Afficionados (not a real thing) praising this pleasant revivial. 

Haters please give it a rest, this YAMU Loves is based on the collective opinions of everyone at office and then some, so if you think we're wrong..well..that's just too bad. 

This stuff is pretty addictive. It's thick, it's extremely chocolatey and the glass bottle somehow plays a huge role in psychologically affecting the overall olfactory experience you get from indulging in one of these.  For a mere Rs. 70 - 80, you too can purchase an ice-cold jeroboam bubbling with froth and rich in chocolate. 

But the catch here is that this product isn't available in supermarkets because to hell with commercialism. However, you can get them at your nearest saivar kadey, or in Highland Milk outlets - only if you're lucky. Not all kadeys have them so you might have to do some hunting and investigating if you'd like to enjoy a cold bottle on a hot day. 

There is nothing more to say, for I have exhausted all speech pertaining to such a wonderful treat. I'm drooling as I type this and it is honestly such an inconvenience how the kadey by the YAMU office doesn't stock these. Why?!

But yes, that's it for now. If you're ever craving a nice chocolate high- head to a nearby shop and look for a bottle of chocolate milk with a red cow on it pushed all the way at the back of the fridge. That's usually where these things hide. 

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