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Some Rumors Going Around About YAMU

Recently we've been hearing a few rumors around Colombo. Here's two of them, and how they're not true.

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Recently we've been hearing a few rumors around Colombo.

1. YAMU takes money for reviews

No. Our lives would be a lot easier if we did, but we never get paid for reviews. You cannot pay for a good review, nor can you pay to have a bad review removed, or anything like that.

Most publications in Sri Lanka are pay to play - places advertise and they get a fluff review done in return. We don't do that. Just read our reviews. We publish what we think and deal with angry phone calls and actual death threats in return.

If someone claims that YAMU is taking money for reviews, it simply isn't true. 

2. YAMU writers asking for favors

We review anonymously and no YAMU writer will ever try to get free stuff from a restaurant. 

Writers get all of their expenses reimbursed and there is no reason for them to cadge free food or special treatment. In reviews what we try to experience is the average experience, which generally means going in and dining and paying like everyone else. Our writers won't lie about where they work if it comes up, but they don't volunteer that information either.

If someone out there is being an ass and claiming to be from YAMU, they're probably not from YAMU. Let us know if you hear of anything like this. 

3. Etc

For more on how YAMU works, please read our FAQs, or don't hestitate to call us, email or drop by the office.

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