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YAMU's Favourite Dishes Of The Month (February 2020)

Six dishes that we're absolutely fell in love with this month.

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The month of February is known as the month of love, and here are six reasons why we're in love with it. 

Pollo Chicken - Revolution Colombo (Trillium Boutique City Hotel)

The Pollo Chicken at Revolution Colombo is easily one of the best chicken-based dishes we've had this month. Neatly placed on a creamy bed of pumpkin and leek puree, it had two chicken thighs, grill-kissed to absolute perfection and was served with pickled red cabbage, cherry tomato and potato. Juicy, succulent and moist, the meat had a whiff of smokiness to it as well as a subtle crisp from the outside; produced from the right touch from the grill. 

Crab Curry - Big Daddy's BBQ

Served with tangy pol sambol and crunchy slices of roast paan that had been tossed onto the grill before being served, the Crab Curry and Roast Paan by Big Daddy's BBQ was a hit this month. The gravy here was so rich, incredibly creamy and packed with a potent heat too, as it had been well infused with nai miris

Mee Goreng - Lau Pa Sat

With plenty of chunky, crispy prawns hiding in between the masses of perfectly prepared noodles, the Mee Goreng by Lau Pa Sat encompassed the sea-food flavour all too well. The extra spice that it consisted of was a match made in heaven for the Sri Lankan palate. Definitely a must-try if you end up at this place. 

Shakshuka - Nivasa

This was a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Gorgeously red in colour, it was creamy and thick in texture, featured a wiggly egg and a tinge of spices and herbs to boot. Hearty, oniony, garlicky and oozing out with lots of tangy notes drawn from tomato, we quite enjoyed pairing it up with the serving of flatbread. 

Chicken Lamprais - Roo's Deli

Roo's Deli's take on Lamprais is not the most authentic version, but absolutely flavoursome nonetheless. Wafting a strong aroma of curry, spices and all its glory wrapped in a piece of banana leaf, the Chicken Lamprais was a favourite of this month for many obvious reasons. From chicken-stock cooked rice and chicken smothered with spices to sweet seeni sambol, brinjal moju, and creamy ash plantain, everything came in together in the perfect harmony to create an irresistible ensemble of flavours. 

Tuna Sandwich - PJ's Cafe

This Tuna Sandwich by PJ's Cafe was simply glorious. The bread here is an in-house product, and it's packed to the brim with a rich paste made with tuna, bits of onion, green chillies, and tomato along with a dash of pepper. Soft, airy, fresh and absolutely light, the bread itself is very kadey paan-like, but heaps better. And the fact that they offer it under Rs. 500 is a highlight too.

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