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YAMU's Favourite Dishes Of The Month - June 2019

Out favourite dishes for the month of June 2019

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2019 is flying by and the end of June is upon us. No matter how fast things are, we at YAMU are always there for food and this month was a banger. So let’s take a look at a few of dishes that we tried this month that we think are worth the extra attention.

Cinnamon Smoked Lobster - rare Bar + Kitchen

Speaking of getting the extra attention, how about a literally smoking jar of lobster, eh? The Cinnamon Smoked Lobster comes in a jar and then opened up in front of you to release the smoke. The lobster meat had the perfectly tender texture and delicious taste while the smokiness is the cherry on top which enhances the flavour even more. 

Mixed Grill - Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe

This Mixed Grill comes jam-packed with proteins that were grilled to perfection. Bacon, chicken fillets, sunny side up eggs, a chicken sausage, a pork sausage, a beef fillet and a pork tenderloin were just waiting for us to be devoured and we did. The in-house mustard sauce and the sweet sauce helped to bump up the flavour while keeping things balanced. All the meats were marinated on point to preserve the meaty flavours.

1/4 Chicken with Extra Hot Peri Peri sauce -Peri Peri Kukula

When Peri Peri Kukula says extra hot, it is indeed hot enough to make even an adult cry. But we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this chicken and it was marinated so well - we could taste it in the very innermost layers of the chicken. A touch of the peri peri sauce gave it even more depth and you can always dunk it in the peri peri sauce if you want to shower your tastebuds with a massive spicy kick.

Pulled Beef Burger - Diego's Peri Peri

Diego’s didn't pull any punch when it comes to this Pulled Beef Burger. From the top bun to the bottom, the juicy tang and the crunchy veggies with plenty of meaty flavours just made this burger excellent. This was a messy, and juicy burger that we think any burger guy or gal should give a try. 

Bacon Cheese Kottu - Cimply Yummy

This one blew our socks off, and we understood why it was their most popular item on the menu. The aroma alone made us drool. Packed with more than enough veggies, and loaded with bits of bacon this went down into our tummies as one of the best kottus we’ve tried. The portion size was enough for two while being rich with flavour. It lands a spot in our list easily.

We also want to give a shout out to the Buffalo Wings from Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe, Meat Lovers Pie from Pizza Napolitana as honorary items.

With that, we are wrapping up the list for this month but we’ll back with another list, next month, filled with mouth-watering goodies. Stay tuned and share your thoughts down in the comments.

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