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YAMU's Stats: Now Public

We're making most of our internal statistics public.

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If you visit, you can see a bunch of statistics about YAMU's performance, which we're now making public

You can see how many people visit our website, how many people use our app, how many times our videos are watched, etc.


Our web stats have always been public and that never hurt us. Now we're just making more information available.

We think it may be interesting for people looking to advertise, or for people just interested in YAMU as a business. That, of course, includes competitors, which we're fine with.

How Is YAMU Doing?

I don't know when you're reading this. Visit our stats page and see for yourself.

Note that you can't see the most important metric - sales. We're working on releasing that information soon, once the sales team starts using the damn system.

Why Is That Graph Going Down?

Some graphs do go down. A big reason a hidden variable you don't see - sales. 

Growth can slow down while (or because) revenue is going up, which means the company is still going in the right direction. We're working on releasing our sales stats as well, basically as soon as the sales team starts using the damn system.

Why Are You Not Hiding This Information?

There's nothing especially embarrassing or dangerous in these basic statistics. Competitors can generally find each others metrics somehow, and we're generally proud of our performance. 

We also think it's helpful for other startups and small businesses to see as much 'real' data as possible, besides the usual inspirational and always positive stories most companies present about themselves.

Our stats go up and down. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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