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YAMU's Top 6 Dosa Spots

Dosa amazing!

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The griddle sizzles as the chef spreads the batter that is quickly turning golden, in spiralling concentric circles. The pleasant, familiar aroma that wafts from the griddle kindles your hunger, makes you yearn for that heavenly first bite of dosa, crafted to perfection, almost dissolving in your mouth, overwhelming your taste buds.

Originating over 1500 years ago in India, today they've also been transformed into a local favourite, with many establishments taking up the challenge of presenting to their customers that perfect dosa which succeeds in hitting home. These are our picks of the 6 best dosa spots in Colombo (in no particular order) who not only present a boss dosa, but also prepare them in equally mouth-watering variations. Check them out; dosa some good dosa!

1. Sri Suryas

The swirling mass of people, the hustle and bustle of the streets of Pettah, where Sri Suryas is located, perfectly reflects the state of frenzy your tastebuds are thrown into as they are overwhelmed with that first bite of a most delectable dosa. The ghee dosa that they serve is an excellent example of the quality of their dosa. This relishing dosa is served in the shape of a cone, crisp and golden, and will compel you to devour it with not a hint of hesitation to be found in the horizons, each bite making you yearn for more. 

2. Chennai

We feel that this restaurant having adopted the name of the capital city of the state that invented dosas is properly justified because they seem to have adopted the exact same recipes as well! Their dosa not only is satisfying to the tastebuds but barely makes a dent in your wallet either. It's one of the places in town where you can eat to your tummy's fill without having to spend too much.

3. Sai Bhavan

The giant "Family Dosa", that measures up to four feet, also provides giant satisfaction and is the only one of its kind as far as we know. Serving over 20 types of dosa, apart from this gigantic delight, their Kochchi Masala Dosa, is a must-have. The dosa, slightly crispy and soft at the same time, a balance Thanos himself would be envious of, is accompanied with the aroma of kochchi, which is the first thing to grab your attention, and one of the most delicious masala-fied potato fillings that will have graced your tastebuds. 

4. Mathura Restaurant

Finding a dosa that is not greasy is only second to finding a needle in the haystack, but that is exactly what Mathura Restaurant offers, an establishment that has prospered since a long time in Colombo. Amplifying the health ratings of the already healthy dosa, Mathura Restaurant successfully provides to their customers a healthy and equally relishing meal that will definitely make you want to come back for more. 

5. Hotel Amirthaa

The fact that this place in Bambalapitiya is filled to its capacity 24/7 despite the fact that there are plenty of South-Indian vegetarian places around is proof of the amazing dosa they serve. Their ghee dosa, which was generally thicker and bigger than most places, and also, like everything at the restaurant, served at a cheap price, assured us that we would be filled to our brim and have an amazing experience, for just a small amount; whatever else is more appealing?

6. Saraswathie Lodge 

The special dosa at the Saraswathie Lodge is a must-try. Stuffed with masala, served with lunu mirissambhar and chutney, and bathed with a portion of oil that would get the American Government excited, every single pixel of the dosa has the right amounts of flavour needed for that moment of craving and hunger. 

Do you know of any other places in Colombo that makes you love India, despite their cricket team, and surely deserves a spot in the top 6 of our list? If so, let us know in the comments below, and we'll make sure to not rest until it is devoured.

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