5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fcode Labs.

Sri Lanka’s technology industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, positioning the country as a rising player in the global tech landscape. With a strong emphasis on innovation and a highly skilled workforce, Sri Lanka has become a hub for software development, digital services, and technology-driven startups. Amongst many industry giants, Fcode Labs have emerged not only as one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech companies across a short span of 4+ years but has proudly placed itself amongst the best software engineering companies in Sri Lanka. But what truly sets them apart? While they soar to new heights with cutting-edge digital solutions, we delve into 5 things you didn’t know about this tech powerhouse.

1. From schoolmates to Co-Founders

Co-Founders Buddhishan Manamperi, Tharindu Malawaraarachchi and Ramesh Rathnayake, all graduates from the Engineering Faculty at the University of Moratuwa share a long bond of friendship that goes back to their days of schooling. From school friends to boarding pals and university batchmates, they have worked together on almost every group project, which naturally brought them together in their initiative to found Fcode Labs. While they all shared a common passion for creating something impactful and revolutionary, their idea to build Fcode Labs wasn’t something that was simply decided overnight. Buddhishan and Tharindu being skilled software engineers and often impulsive decision-makers, always had the desire to establish something of their own. However, Ramesh on the other hand, had different aspirations towards working in research and development and pushing the boundaries of experimentation with technology. 

Although they individually had their hand in different start-ups during their college years, nothing came to realisation but valuable life lessons that paved the way to Fcode Labs. After years of working with revered names in the global tech industry, they felt the demand for high-quality and cost-beneficent software development services that pushed the limits of innovation and kept up with international standards. The three friends decided to reunite once more for the biggest project they had attempted, bringing their diverse expertise and industry experiences into building a brand that could help address the gaps in the nation’s tech industry and further Sri Lanka’s global position in technology.  

2. Helping to grow businesses with innovative digital solutions

With the increasing global drive towards data and automation, tech-driven operations are the future of business. Therefore, the success of tomorrow’s enterprise will depend on the effective usage of AI and digital solutions for the organisation’s benefit. However, most industries are not yet ready for this new future. With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, it can be difficult for businesses to stay up to date and keep pace with the latest innovations, find and retain the right talent to develop and implement new technologies, integrate new technologies into existing systems and processes, address issues of privacy and transparency and manage collected data while leveraging it to make informed decisions.

With a clearly-defined understanding of this multiplicity of business needs, Fcode Labs offers a variety of expertise in digital transformation, AI and machine learning, product engineering and Web 3.0 and blockchain technology needed to revolutionise everyday operations. Depending on the requirement, businesses can select between outsourcing their software project or hiring a full-time dedicated team to bring their goals and ideas into reality. Accordingly, with each digital solution from AI development, web development, mobile app development or development in blockchain technologies that are tailor-made to the client’s specifications, Fcode Labs can help your business in enhancing organisational efficiency, managing overheads, minimising dependencies and human error, devising new AI-based strategies, and effectively utilising data to its fullest potential to maximise your business potential and take it into the future. 

3. A portfolio beyond Sri Lankan shores

Fcode Labs operates both in Singapore and Sri Lanka. While helping to keep up with global developments, this enables them to take forward Sri Lanka as an enterprising player in the global tech scene. While 55% of Fcode Labs’ operations take place in conjunction with global projects, 40% of operations are conducted on local projects and 5% on their very own home-grown products.

From working with academic institutions, healthcare centres and the hospitality industry to private and government organisations, Fcode Labs is a name often heard amongst many sectors in Sri Lanka. Provision of digital transformation solutions to industrial giants such as MAS Holdings PVT LTD and Brandix Lanka PVT LTD, as well as improving customer care processes with AI solutions for Dialog Axiata PLC, are some among many noteworthy highlights in their 4+ years of operations. 

Their international track record is likewise impressive. Amongst many projects, their development of clinical management systems takes the spotlight. The development of AI-first healthcare products for the Ministry of Singapore that uses blockchain-based health solutions has been a new-wave solution that offers people the resources and tools needed to manage their health and well-being. In addition, the development of a mental health application that provides real-time monitoring of patients for the University of Auckland and AI-based protein engineering mechanisms designed for Exaxyme GmbH, Germany that operates to change the macromolecule formation for drug development, have all been remarkable technologies developed with the assistance of Fcode Labs. With each new project, Fcode Labs is making leaps and bounds in its technology, while finding faster and more efficient and cost-effective solutions to help your business progress above and beyond its potential. 

4. A flexible team that puts the ‘F’ in Fcode Labs

Fcode Labs comprises a team of visionary individuals who are passionate about what they do. With a flat organizational structure from the CTO to an employee, everyone remains a close-knit group of friends, who are always encouraged to be themselves and express ideas freely and confidently. This flexibility translates amazingly well in dealing with clients, which allows each team member to make the best use of their talents in customising the optimal solutions for their clients. With extensive experience in AI products, including natural language processing, predictive analytics, chatbots, and protein engineering, as well as expertise to combine AI solutions with modern web technologies, whether the clients require a web solution, mobile application, or blockchain-based solution, they have you covered on all bases. 

Moreover, Fcode Labs is committed to providing its team opportunities for growth and learning. This includes providing access to the best industrial projects where each stage of development is an opportunity to learn something new. In addition, they offer their staff funding for Master’s degree programmes and various professional qualifications, investing in self-development that will translate into the growth of the company. This supportive and family-like work culture is indeed the cornerstone of Fcode Lab’s work environment that helps them to take on any challenging project and ace it like a Boss. 

5. Champions in the making

Since its first launch in 2018, Fcode Labs have been making waves in the local and global tech landscape. During their 2nd year in the making, they received much recognition at E-Swabhimani 2019, an initiative by the Information Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, aiming at recognising excellence in digital application creation. Fcode Labs was crowned the winner of the Tourism and Culture category for iStay, a tourism industry management web portal that offers real-time order management and the latest information on hotel services, providing a seamless experience to guests in their interactions with the hotel staff.

2022 was a big year for Fcode Labs, where its members had the honour of representing Sri Lanka at the ICT Spring held in Luxembourg. This was indeed an exciting opportunity for them in getting the chance to network with tech enthusiasts, industry experts and service providers from across the globe and to learn about the current trends and future possibilities of technology. Fcode Labs was also a proud participant at the Singapore Fintech Festival amongst a staggering number of 62,000+ participants ranging from 115+ countries. This festival focused on how businesses can stay ahead by making use of technologies such as Web 3.0, blockchain, AI, Green Fintech, which were indeed crucial discussions for Fcode Labs to find new ways to improve their solutions to customers. 

Cementing their leap from a start-up to a well-established company, Fcode Labs received the certification of Great Place to Work® in 2022, placing it among the 50 Best Companies in the country. Adding to that, Fcode Labs celebrated the end of the year with a bang, with its recognition as one of the best workplaces in Asia by Great Place to Work®, ranking them 35th in the category of small and medium-sized businesses.

Fcode Labs has made its mark in the tech industry and continues to endeavour to make its presence known across the globe. With its innovative solutions and dedication to delivering exceptional results, it is no surprise that the company has seen such tremendous growth. However, with this growth comes the challenge of finding the right talent to keep up with the pace. The recent economic recessions have caused a trend in migration within the industry, making it difficult to recruit the top talent it needs to continue its success. Despite this obstacle, the company remains dedicated to finding the best people to join its team and drive the company forward. With its track record of success and commitment to delivering innovative solutions, there is no doubt that Fcode Labs will continue to be a leading player and make a significant impact in the years to come.

Visit their website, Instagram page @fcode_labs or Facebook page @FCode Labs for more information.

Location: 208 Stanley Tilakaratne Mawatha, Nugegoda 10100

Contact Number: 0114 294 299

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