New Years Eve Parties in Sri Lanka (2014).

NYE 2014, New Years Eve 2014, for Colombo and Sri Lanka, we’ve got you covered.

Over the past decade NYE parties in Sri Lanka have become a pretty big deal. Everyone’s got a different preference whether it be hotel dinner dance (Hilton, Kingsbury), a NYE concert (Kool & The Gang, Taj), a theme party (Gatsby, Mt. Lavinia Hotel), a beachside dinner (Loon Tao), or even something like a five course dinner (Colombo Courtyard).

Here’s our round-up of the NYE events for 2014/2015.

Party Place Cost Number Highlights
Champagne & Oyster Soiree Kingsbury Sky Lounge 27,000 11 2421 221 Free flowing champagne and oysters, breakfast buffet, DJ Niza Minx
Twelve O’Clock Hilton Colombo 20,000 777 888 554 Dinner, cocktails and breakfast buffet. The band Doctor and DJ Shiran
Gatsby Mount Lavinia Hotel 19,900 11 2711 430 / 11 2711 446 Epicurean cuisine, shots, sheesha, breakfast buffet, gaming casino. Music by DJ Alex Vogt and Anno Domini
Kool & The Gang Dinner Dance Taj Samudra, South Lawn 18,500 776 255 225 CANCELLED as far as we know, trying to confirm
Retro Fusion Kingsbury 15,000 11 242 1221 Fusion of English and Sinhala classics
Sail Into 2015 Grand Oriental Hotel 6,000 773 441 425 / 773 441 644 Sam The Man on sax
Blast Thru 2014 Ramada 8,000 – 12,500 112422001 The Gypsies
Amuseum NYE Taj Samudra, North Lawn 12,000 777 785 440 DJ Quentin Mosimann and John Revox, breakfast
Casa Colombo NYE Casa Colombo 6,000 – 30,000 773 659 981 Dinner and drinks at their lovely boutique hotel, or poolside
Colombo Courtyard NYE Colombo Courtyard 12,000 / 8,000 11 464 533 DJ music at the Cloud Cafe/Loft Lounge and/or a 5-course dinner Amber poolside
Santore NYE Santore 5,800 112689444 Tasty Italian foods
41 Sugar 41 Sugar 3,000 – 10,000 777397818 / 0777062621 Tapas and champagne
The Party Hilton Residencies 10,000 772 301 387 / 777 886 808 Dinner dance with DJ music
Stars & The City OZO (ON14 Bar) 13,500 / 8,300 11 255 5570 Rooftop party with lobster dinner, breakfast, music by Starz Angels
Negombo Beach Dinner Dance Jetwing Blue/Beach 8,500, kids under 12 free 776 444 179 Beachside in Negombo with entertainment by C Plus and Drum House
Loon Tao Dinner Dance Loon Tao, Mount Lavinia 5,900, 2,900 for kids (5-10) 11 2722 723 Beachside dinner dance with music by Flame. Kid friendly
NYE With Max Graham Waters Edge 5,000 / 10,000 722 488 577 Music by DJ Max Graham
O! What A Night Shore By O! 5,000 773 295 760 Live music, fire dancers, DJ, fireworks, all by the beach
Floor 31st Floor By O! 2,500 779 544 422 Redeemable ticket price, live music and DJ at the central Floor
Suit & Tie NYE Kama Colombo 2,000 71 7858 235 Suit and tie party with the Kama resident DJ
Glitter Ball Studio 4 4,000 777289857 Party at Colombo’s new cabaret bar
Colombo One Colombo One 3,000 777667808 Party the old La Fiesta
Dutch Hospital NYE Taphouse By RnR 35,000 (for six) 773773844 Slipping Chairs playing
Unawatuna Beach Kingfisher ? 773408404 DJs Ben and Yazz
Midnight Madness In… On The Green 1,500 11 254 1010 DJ Party

The Hotel Event Parties

When it comes NYE parties, basically every hotel whether it be large or boutique, does their take on it. The dress code at most of these events is smart casual or formal but it’s safest to go with the latter so that you don’t turn up under-dressed. We’ve got some good variety in terms of themes this year with events for all the relevant age groups.

Most of the parties that cost above Rs. 15,000 are all inclusive, which includes dinner and breakfast, but some of the less expensive ones charge a corkage fee between Rs. 1ooo – Rs. 3000.

Champagne & Oyster Soirée

Rs. 27,000 (All Inclusive): Starting at the top, Kingsbury have gone all out with their Champagne and Oyster Soirée. With the rooftop view from the Sky Lounge and music by Niza Minx, you can expect this one to be as extravagant as it gets. It’s all inclusive with a free flow of champagne, spirits, oysters and canapes throughout the night as well as a breakfast buffet.

Gatsby @ Mount Lavinia Hotel

Rs. 19,000 (All Inclusive): Mt.Lavinia Hotel is sticking with their Great Gatsby theme from last year. They’ve got a pseudo casino with games like Blackjack and Roulette along with free shots and sheesha. Last year they didn’t have much emphasis on music but this year around they’re bringing down DJ Alex Vogt from Perth as well as local band Anno Domini.

Kool & The Gang @ Taj Samudra (CANCELLED)

UPDATE: a bit of a shocker, but this event seems to be cancelled.

Stars And The City @OZO

Rs. 13,500 / 8,300: For the Rs. 13,500 ticket price, OZO combines a lobster dinner plus a rooftop DJ party with French house DJs Starz Angels. If you want just the rooftop party, it’s Rs. 8,300. Every ticket gets canapes and Sri Lankan breakfast. ON14 is a nice location where you can see the lights of the city and it’s their first NYE, so should be interesting.

Retro Fusion @ The Kingsbury

Rs. 15,000: For those who prefer a NYE party with a local twist, Retro Fusion is probably the one for you. They’ve got a prominent list of local artists like Annesley and Mintaka (former Wildfire) performing both English and Sinhala hits. You know the Baila is gonna start rolling out at some point as well.

Grand Oriental Hotel

The most laid back of the hotel parties, the Grand Oriental Hotel has Sam The Man on the sax and their usual lovely view of the Colombo Port. And you could win Harbour Queen 2015.

The Ramada – Gypsies

As far as bands playing on NYE, Sunil and the Gypsies are probably the most fun. They have some legit hits of their own and are generally entertaining. It’s Rs. 12,500 for the dinner dance or Rs. 8,000 for just the dance.

More Low-Key Dinners

Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo is one of our favorite locations in the city, and they have great food. For NYE the offer basically a selection of dinner options. The cheapest is Rs. 6,000 per head (12,000 per couple) and includes a glass of sparkling wine. If you spend Rs. 14,500 per couple you get a bottle (of sparkling wine, again). For Rs. 25,000 you get the private poolside package with, we presume, a fancier dinner and also a bottle. Finally, for 30,000 per couple you get upgraded to a bottle of Moet champagne and a box of chocolates.

Colombo Courtyard NYE

Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 12,000: If you’re not a fan of large crowds and big hotels, Colombo Courtyard has a couple of low key events happening at their chic boutique hotel. They’ve got both a romantic five course dinner at the Amber poolside and a DJ party at the Loft Lounge/Cloud Cafe. But why not both right? You can go for the poolside dinner and pay an extra Rs. 4000 to join the party upstairs.

The Santore NYE Dinner

Santore is a lovely and very authentic Italian restaurant. The specialize in pizza but for NYE they’re having a multi-course meal. One of our fav things about Italian food is that they have a pasta course AND a meat course, so they have that as well. Should be fun, and they have a good sound system.

41 Sugar

41 Sugar has a great view in center Colombo and a pretty fancy menu for the 31st. If you want just a glass of champagne its Rs. 3,000 for entrance, but you can get a six-course dinner for Rs. 7,000 (per person), cheese and wine for Rs. 10,000 per couple and tapas and champagne for Rs. 20,000 per couple.

The Bar/Club Parties

Since Club Mojo dropped off, we’ve only got two real prominent night clubs in Amuseum and Kama Colombo, both of whom are having their own NYE events. Amuseum’s is by far the biggest, taking up the Taj North Lawn.

Amuseum @ Taj Samudra

Rs. 12,000: This one is all about club music with DJ Quentin Mosimann and John Revox. They also offer a complimentary breakfast to work off the booze.

Suit & Tie @ Kama Colombo

Rs. 2,000: If you want to dress up and go out with their friends, without a serious a hit on your wallet, the suit and tie party should be option at just a bit over their usual cover charge. It’s basically a regular club night at Kama except it’s New Year’s.

Glitter Ball NYE @Studio 4

Rs. 4,000 (pre-sold) or Rs. 7,500: Studio 4 is the brand new cabaret bar where Sky Bar and Tantra used to be. It’s got an interesting theme, a great location and it’s gay-friendly and presumably fabulous.

Colombo One (La Fiesta) Dinner Dance

Colombo One, in the spot that used to be La Fiesta on Chatham Street, is hosting a NYE Party with Red FM. Tickets are Rs. 3,000 per person and Rs. 1,500 for kids 10-15. Kids younger than that are free, but maybe they should be at home? Anyways, this is the affordable option as it includes a free margarita and breakfast buffet.

Taphouse By RnR

Taphouse has a great location in Dutch Hospital and their NYE last year seemed to be backed. This year you can get tables for six people for Rs. 35,000, inclusive of a bunch of drinks and chasers.


These are some parties a bit out of Colombo.

Loon Tao Dinner Dance

Rs. 5,900: If you’re looking for something kid-friendly and basically just want to
eat, Loon Tao offers a buffet for Rs. 5,900 which is half price for kids
and free if they’re below five. They’ve also got music by the local band Flame.

Jetwing Dinner Dance on the Beach

Rs. 8,500: If you’re in Negombo, Jetwing hotels is hosting a NYE dinner dance on the beach with music by C and the Drum House. They’ve also got a neat deal where they provide free transport from Colombo to Negombo and back for purchases 6 tickets.


Unawatuna is a happening location right throughout the year so there should be a bunch of NYE parts along the coast.In
Una you can actually just walk along the beach and find parties. They
used to be free for foreigners and cost for locals (men especially).
That may have changed but probably still in effect.


The only Una party we’ve seen advertised features well-known Colombo DJs Ben (who spins and Sugar 41) and Yazz as well as the newer Carl and Nimo. We’re not sure how much this costs as it’s not mentioned, nor can we reach the organizers on the phone.

If we’ve missed out on anything big (or small), make sure to mention it in the comments section below.

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