Aasife Biriyani

939, Ethul Kotte Road, Sri Jayawardana Pura, Rajagiriya

Aasife is good place to get biriyani in Ethul Kotte. The food is good and service friendly.

This is the second time I have been pleasantly surprised by an Indian restaurant. Aasife is located on Ethul Kotte, right next to Burger King. It has been there for almost two years and I cannot believe I have not been there. Until now.

The Food

They have an extensive menu with all the Indian favorites, especially biriyani. Their variety was pretty impressive as there were about 8 different types of biriyanis to choose from.

The Prawn Biriyani (Rs. 580) was so delicious, filling and certainly enough for two people. There were about 10-12 prawns mixed in with a well-seasoned biriyani. 

We also tried the Butter Naan (Rs. 100 each) which was decent. It was pretty much what you would get at an average restaurant, maybe less oily.

You can't go to an Indian restaurant and not get the Paneer Butter Masala (Rs. 400). While this wasn’t as good as the one we had at Chola, it was a close second. The paneer could have been cooked longer because it was denser than we liked, but the excellent gravy made up for that fact.

The Kerala Chicken Masala (Rs. 480) was also really delicious. There were a lot chunky chicken bits to go around with a spicy, albeit a little peppery gravy. The paneer masala and the chicken did wonders with the naan, as you can imagine.

The Drinks

Their beverages menu was nothing special, with drinks like fruit juices and milkshakes. The Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 300) while not the most authentic thing to get here, was very satisfactory. It was very chocolatey and had very little sugar, which is always a plus for me.

Service and Ambience

Their service is excellent. From the moment we entered, we were received with nothing but friendliness and accommodation. They were more than keen to give us separate bills when we asked, and packed our food. The food arrived within 10-15 minutes and everything was served warm.

It’s very spacious with booths and tables, which means it can hold at least two big crowds at once. The wallpapers and the mood music were par for the course.


We highly recommend this place, especially if you live in the area. 


You cannot go wrong with any of their biriyanis.


939, Ethul Kotte Road, Sri Jayawardana Pura, Rajagiriya


It's right next to Burger King on Ethul Kotte, towards the end of the byroad leading to Rajagiriya.