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Aberdeen Falls

Hatton, Sri Lanka

Waterfalls with stunning views? Yes please.

Aberdeen Falls is a hop and a skip away from Laxapana, and it's a must-visit if you happen to be casually passing by the area. Standing 322 feet tall, it's got two 'pools', the more picturesque one being the one right at the bottom.

Unfortunately, after climbing what seemed to be a thousand stairs to get to Laxapana a mere few hours earlier, we didn't really have much energy to drive further down to the main base pool.

We stopped by a little shop on the road to ask directions (there was also a board near the shop with pictures of the base pools) and the storekeeper told us that the main base pool required us to walk about another 15 or 20 minutes, whereas the pool down the path behind his shop was a mere 5 mins.

Sore-legged as we were (and maybe slightly, just ever so slightly lazy?) we opted to take the second path he mentioned.

The climb down involved navigating through some shrubbery and picking a few hungry leeches off your feet, but it wasn't hard. You're then faced with a massive green pool in the centre, the cascading water onto your right, and a view of the country-side dropping below you onto your left: you're not exactly at the fall head, but you're somewhere in the middle of it and it's an amazing vantage point.

It's the dry season right now so the falls weren't as heavy as it would've otherwise been. The pool is still treacherously deep in the middle and the rocks leading down to it are incredibly mossy and slimy as well, so be super cautious.

Additionally, the rocks are also incredibly slippery at the most unexpected and dry-looking places, and I landed rather hard on my rear. This resulted in a splintered camera part and a couple of bruises which lasted about one and a half weeks (no broken bones though!). The friend who offered his arm to get over the rocks gave me an intensely i-told-you-so look for the rest of the journey, and I learnt my lesson: next time someone offers to help you over something, just accept.

The pool spills over this edge and falls into another, final pool right at the bottom. As fantastic as this view is, and as easy as it apparently looks to just hop down the rocks, don't. You'll tumble down raggedy-doll style.

There are a few shallow pools in which you can just sit in and chill. All are surrounded by rock, so you can keep a few biscuits and sandwiches nearby and munch on them while submerging yourself. As always though, clean up before leaving, and don't litter!


Outside of the rainy season its relatively leech free- there are well-cut stairs down to a viewing platform by the base of the falls to reach the pool itself you need to clamber over some rocks beyond the platform.


Hatton, Sri Lanka


Take the Norton turn off on the Colombo-Hatton road (this is also the Adams peak turn off) about 10 km before Hatton town- follow the road to Norton Bridge and then take the Kalawelldeniya road just before Kalawelldeniya village you'll hit a large board indicating the access point to the waterfall.

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