Anim8 is an expensive but fast print shop. It's a really bare bones operation carved out of a residential house on Thimbirigasaya Road (ignore the big Anim8 sign on the opposite side, the working shop is actually on a narrow alley). They have this giant, intimidating Terminator printer - an HP Indigo Press 5000 - which does everything from business cards to A3 prints to who knows what. They do almost everything it seems, from X-Stands to big plastic prints. We went to just get a business plan printed, something which can baffle ordinary print-shops, and they handled it fine. What set Anim8 apart was that they had a Help Desk which actually knew something, they directed us to a graphic designer within a minute, they had graphic designers, and we were able to get our job printed. This sounds basic, but many print shops - we're looking at you Softwave Gallery - can't master the basic art of printing something in less than an hour. That said, our bill was Rs. 120 per double-sided A4. For the whole business plan the total was Rs. 1680, which is quite high. But such is the price of print these days. Anim8 may take your money, but at least they don't waste your time.


Their <a href=''>website</a> is actually quite helpful and you can <a href=''>upload</a> the files you want printed before you head over there.

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