6, Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo

They literally wax everything imaginable off.

BeWAXed does exactly what it says on the tin - they wax it all off. From your lustrous armpit locks to errant butt tendrils, these guys sort it out. They've moved to a cute new spot toward Nawala, so we decided to head over and get smooth. 

Services & Prices

Their prices have stayed static for a while, which we appreciate, but their services have diversified. They do full waxing for both men and women (although men's prices are a little higher). You can check out their entire service menu here. They feature both classic sugar wax and the more expensive, imported special wax. We haven't tried the special wax, mostly because of the high price. As a comparison, an ultimate body wax (top to toe) with sugar wax is Rs. 4600, and Rs. 9600 with special wax.

This time, we opted for a normal full body wax, which included a bikini wax, full legs, full arms, and underarms. At Rs. 2800, it was very reasonable. Cheaper than most upscale salons in Colombo, and cheaper than our other waxing favourite, Honey Pot.


They've maintained their level of service in the new place, if not increased it. I've generally found them to be experienced, swift, and effective. Waxing is a painful art, and you need to feel comfortable and at ease, especially if someone is rummaging about in your lady bits to give you a full wax. I had a technician named Fatima this time around, who I would highly recommend. She was polite, maternal, and ploughed on with direct efficiency despite my annoying wriggling and swearing. 

Did it hurt? Yes. Did I feel like a sleek little diving seal after? Also yes. Given my incredibly sensitive skin, I was also really excited to note the lack of irritation/ tomato-like redness post wax. She used hot wax and disposable strips followed by wet wipes for sensitive skin and aloe vera gel. Overall, I generally hate waxing, but this full body wax took just over 35 minutes, and after the immediate pain, the discomfort was minimal. 


I like the ambience upgrade at the new spot. The minimal pink and white chromatic code is maintained throughout, and the place is absolutely spotless. The place is simple, clean, and bright. You'll even notice proper lighting in all the 6 private rooms, to ensure that every little follicle is dealt with. 


BeWAXed's model is on point. They do reasonable and thorough waxing, with efficient and experienced technicians. BeWAXed's models are also on point, as they've used a selection of "real" everyday women, as opposed to impossibly flawless models or Fair & Lovely clones. 

The one issue with the place is that they're almost always booked out. You may have to call almost 4-5 days in advance to ensure a convenient time and date, so plan ahead. They also have loyalty cards, so consider getting one of them if you're a regular. 


6, Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo


It's right on the top of Kirimandala Mawatha, towards the Nawala side.


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