Blackout Restaurant & Cafe

36, Ward Place, Colombo 07

Blackout Restaurant & Cafe is Colombo's first and only rugby themed cafe.

Blackout Restaurant & Cafe is the newest member of the saturated cafe scene in Colombo 07, which also happens to be the first and only rugby-themed cafe we have in town.


The food menu at Blackout is quite massive. Ranging from soups, salads, pasta and a bunch of sides to sandwiches, burgers, and Lankan and Western-inspired mains, you're spoilt for choice here. We went with the Fish & Chips (Rs. 1300), a Mutton Burger (Rs. 950) and a side of Kithul Chicken Wings (Rs. 850). 

The Fish & Chips at Blackout is one of the best there is. A hunk of white fish encased in a thin layer of golden fried batter, with the sides of potato wedges, tartar sauce and lettuce arrived in this one. Slightly crispy, and not in any way greasy, it's nice that they had gone easy on the batter so the good fishy flavours can easily come through. 

Flaking off to chunks so beautifully, the texture of the fish was tender, juicy, fatty and with a splash of lime, it tasted wonderful. 

The potato wedges, on the other hand, were chunky, had a sprinkle of salt slipped in, but didn't have the slightly crispy exterior that we were looking for. 
The Mutton Burger was a real steal. Neatly stacked in between a soft burger bun laid a fried egg, lettuce, and a giant mutton patty topped off with melted cheese. With a slight crisp to the bite, the bun had been sitting on the grill for a while, so it didn't crumble away at the touch.

Perfectly grounded and gloriously grilled, the patty was absolutely rich. Cooked all the way to its core, with just the right amount of seasoning, it was a bit firm on the outside while the inside was tender and drippingly juicy. The patty itself is flavoursome on its own, but when you bring cheese and egg into the mix, it basically makes for a dance of flavours. 

Succulent, cooked well, and cooked through, the chicken wings were soaked in kitul treacle. The chicken itself was good, had a little crisp on its outside, but it would've been better if the sweetness of the kitul treacle was a little bit less dominating. 


The drinks range at Blackout features coffee, juices, mocktails and juices. 

Crowned with a blob of whipped cream dusted with cinnamon powder, the Irish Dark Coffee (Rs. 650) was excellent. The coffee itself was strong, not bitter nor watered down, while the whipped cream slowly sweetened it up to balance out the flavours. Even if you're not used to handling strong coffee, worry not - this is easily one of the best picks you can go for. 

We spotted this carton of coffee on almost every table, which we guess is the brand they use in their brews.

This drink was pure buttery and fruity goodness harvested from a fresh Avocado. They had gone easy on the sugar, so the swirl of sweetness it carries comes from the fruit itself. A rich drink to fill you up so easily, while leaving a refreshing feeling on your palate. Priced at Rs. 350.

Ambience & Service

Apologies in advance for the lack of good pictures of their interior, which is another highlight of this place. As you enter the room, the first thing you're going to notice is this round table, along with a couple more tables circled with chairs, while the rest of the seating options are facing the glass walls. This area has a ton of natural lights seeping through the windows, which is superb if you want to snap a picture or two.

They also have a seating space inside and upstairs which sadly, we couldn't check out. From what we gathered, that's where you'll find their collection of rugby t-shirts, rugby balls and everything else that are rugby related. 

If you happen to be a rugby lover, this place has TVs hanging in every room set to different rugby encounters. They occasionally telecast other sports too. 

The whole place has a very peaceful vibe, despite being a sports-themed cafe. With a staff who is friendly, helpful and efficient, our experience here was quite lovely. 


With good food, even better coffee, in a chilled out, relaxed space, Blackout is now one of our favourite spots in the city. You might not be the biggest rugby fan, but nonetheless, you're guaranteed to have a good time here.