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Bola's Bakeshop

9A, Layards Road, Colombo

A homebaker that creates some delicious cakes & desserts with a fun twist.

“Ooh.. are these brownies?” someone, noticing the box on top of a desk at the office.

“Yep, it’s a treat. Help yourself”

Proceeds to cut a piece for themselves with glee. Puts it in the mouth.

Right away, we hear “This is soo good” from a mouth that can't seem to decide whether to just devour it all or to praise it first.

This time we have Bola’s Bakeshop to be thankful for this delicious brownie.


We ordered a Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Bar with Salted Chillie Caramel (Rs. 2700) minus the hazelnut because of potential allergy situations at the office. This was a sizeable fudge bar that is advertised as 20 servings but we managed to cut it into 24 pieces without any hassle. 

The thick, runny caramel top catches your eye right away and makes you drool from the first sight. One might say that this caramel is little too runny from being in the room temperature for a while but hey, it's not something to complain.

The brownie itself is fudgy as promised with a super gooey and moist texture. Absolutely rich with chocolate notes while giving out hints of bitterness, it's chocolate lovers dream.

While the caramel sweetness hits you up front, it gets balanced with a rather laid back saltiness, ending in a subtle and smooth spiciness from the chillies that lingers on your palate before fading away. None of the flavours was overwhelming - everything was well-balanced.

How To Order

This small home bakery is a relatively new venture by two sisters that has an enthusiasm for baking. They carry an interesting range of cakes, and other desserts, with a fun and delicious spin to them. You can call them up, place the order with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice and pick up your treats from their place at 9A, Layards Road.


Bola’s Bakeshop is a delicious option if you want to grab a treat for yourself or give one. We recommend! 


9A, Layards Road, Colombo


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