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Burger House

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Remember when your only options for getting a decent burger was only through  McD's and Burgers King?

Yeah, we don't have to do that anymore. 

Amongst the myriad of restaurants available through delivery, we happened to come across Burger House through PickMe Food. And come one fine Thursday afternoon with too many sweets and far too little rice and curry to pull us through, we decided to take a shot. 


If you're familiar with how PickMe Food works, then you can hop along and skip this particular part of the article. 

If you are not, it's all very simple. Just type Burger House and proceed to add whatever it is you want and wait till the yellow-clad knight comes knocking at your door to save your damsel in distress of a stomach from perishing from starvation. 

The food 

For a solid Rs. 1010, we managed to snag 4 burgers/ buns without batting an eyelash. 

We decided to get 2 off their burger list and 2 off their bun list and surprisingly, the buns turned out to look like subs. 

Bun, mayo, lettuce, Pattie and cheese topped with another bun, the Chicken Burger With Cheese (Rs. 240) was as basic as a cheeseburger could get. And to be fair, it wasn't all that bad. With a bun that looked as close to perfection as a burger bun could get and the basic elements (apart from the pickles and such) covered, it was all right.

It was soft and very fresh, it hadn't been grilled or anything, but with a mild sweetness running through it, we were utterly surprised as to how good it was. The other elements weren't too bad either. The only real factor that made the whole experience dip was the pattie which was basically a slightly over-fried burger patty you can get at meat shops like Maxies that are more giant-sized nuggets than anything else.  

Despite it all though, the burger as a whole was all right. Definitely not the best around, but, good nonetheless. 

The Burger House Special (Rs. 390) was pretty much the equivalent of a father figure to the Chicken Burger with cheese. With the addition of a fried egg, lots more mayo, ketchup and a couple of veggies, it was a little less mediocre than the prior and we were pretty happy with this. 

Sloppy in the best way ever, the Burger House was (even if the pictures don't make it obvious) quite big for Rs. 390.

That being said though, there was nothing extraordinary about either of them. It's mostly because the patty made the whole thing a lot more bland than what a burger should be.

See, when you taste the pattie alone, it gives a very synthetic/rubbery vibe which we didn't love, and if we're being perfectly honest, It's quite sad because everything else in the burger was quite good. Sigh. 

The bun-subs, on the other hand, were much better. 

Sandwiched between 2 slightly grilled pieces of bread, the filling in the Fried Chicken Bun (Rs. 220) was spicy, saucy, creamy and quite nice. But what really blew us away was the following.

The Maldive Fish Bun with Cheese (Rs. 160) was a gorgeous balance of flavours. With the Maldive fish kicking in strong and the caramelised onion mix combined with the mayo and cheese, it was brilliant. Plus, the bun which wasn't too thick, the buttered sides pulled through and made us fall in love a lot harder than we thought possible. 


Burger House does a cheap, wholesome-ish burger for a very decent price. The buns are fresh and while the pattie was fit for aliens, the Maldive Fish Bun was utterly beautiful. We say give it a shot and let us know how it goes. 


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