Cafe Japan

25, Borella Cross Road, Colombo 8

Cafe Japan has been around since 2000, and serves up some good Japanese fare.

Cafe Japan is a small Japanese restaurant that's run out of someone's house. It's a pretty quiant set up and that's where it gets its charm. One of Colombo's best kept secrets, it can be a little difficult to find. We dropped in for lunch.


Most menu items are priced above Rs 1500, so you have to order wisely. You can't really go wrong with the sushi platter. We went with the assorted sushi (Rs 2000). The sushi is pretty generous. We got 8 pieces. They always seem to get the balance of wasabi just right, so you get a nice kick. It comes with some miso soup and pickled vegetables.

For Rs 2000, you can choose two dishes from the available options. We tried the Yakiniku Pork and Karage Chicken. The portion is enough for one, and it's altogether quite filling. I'd choose Karage over any other fried chicken, any day, and Cafe Japan's rendition is what made me fall in love with this dish in the first place. The chicken is moist while crispy on the outside with just the right savouriness. The pork was alright, but it tasted mostly of soy sauce. This also comes with miso soup and pickled vegetables.

Service & Ambiance

They have actually hired a local waiter, and we were glad to see that she has been trained very well. She knew the menu and was very prompt. In the past, we've been served by either the mother and daughter of the duo who run the place.

The ambiance is very homely, and there's plenty of natural light. They've got a formidable library of manga, which is super cool. I don't read Japanese, though, so that's a shame. 


Cafe Japan is a great place to drop in to for a casual date. It's got a cosy, homely vibe that you won't find at any other Japanese restaurant. The prices aren't necessarily better than the other options, but the food is still pretty good. Dinner can get expensive, though, as it's a set menu, so do call and inquire if you're interested as they charge upwards of Rs 5000 per person. 



It's always safer to call before dropping in. If the phone rings and no one answers, they're probably closed.
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Cafe Japan is a great place to drop in to for a casual date. It's got a cosy, homely vibe that you won't find at any other Japanese restaurant.

Cafe Japan is a small home restaurant off Marine Drive in Colpetty that does some pretty great Japanese cuisine. It's the definition of a hidden gem since the place is ridiculously hard to find. They've been around since 2000, but those who know about the place seem to want to keep it to themselves.

Cafe Japan has been around for ages - since around 2000, I think. It used to be located on Ward Place and then Duplication Road, but now it's in a house off Marine Drive. You can dine in (best if you make a reservation) but it seems to function primarily as a delivery/take away service.

Cafe Japan මම හිතන විදියට 2000 වසරේ පමණ පටන් තිබෙන තැනක්. එය වෝඩ් ප්ලේස්හිත්, ඩුප්ලිකේෂන් පාරේත් තිබුණා. දැන් එය තිබෙන්නේ මැරීන් ඩ්‍රයිව්හි නිවසක. ඔබට එහි ගොස් කෑම ගන්නත් පුළුවන්. කලින් වෙන්කරගන්නවානම් හොඳයි. ඒත්, එය වැඩිපුර ක්‍රියාත්මක වන්නේ කෑම රැගෙන යාහැකි හා ගෙදරට ගෙන්වාගතහැකි තැනක් ලෙසයි.


25, Borella Cross Road, Colombo 8


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Open 11 AM to 2 PM, 5.30 PM to 9 PM (Closed Tuesdays)



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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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