Cafe K

Nawam Mawatha, Colombo

A tiny cafe in Nawam Mawatha with great chocolate milkshake.

Cafe K is basically a small tea/ smoke joint for the office crowd in the area. Nevertheless, don't underestimate it. 

Hidden within a maze of offices and concrete paraphernalia lies a little shop calls itself Cafe K. Amidst rain, traffic and a lot of mud, we dropped in yesterday for a quick bite and here's how it went.

The Food 

Cafe K is technically a juice bar catering the office crowd in the area. While they have the standard items like yoghurt drinks, milk packets, tea and biscuits, they also offer a bunch of short eats and a variety of juices and milkshakes to choose from.

We went with a Sausage Toastie (Rs. 60), an Egg Toastie (Rs. 60) and a Samosa-like item which turned out to be a Fish Patty (Rs. 35).

The Fish Patty was a nice doughy piece of pastry stuffed with a blend of makerel and potato. It's your average fish patty, really, but pretty solid for that price. 

The Sausage Toastie was essentially two toasted pieces of bread with a spicy sausage and onion curry sort of concoction in between. The bread was still crunchy and the sausage filling was seasoned well. Simple, but delicious. 

Featured here is the Egg Toastie. Its filling tasted like scrambled eggs with onion, while the bread was beatifully toasted with a slight crunch to it. 

We also got a piece of Butter Cake for Rs. 45 which was kinda old and quite crumbly. 

The Drinks 

Personally, I've never understood why milkshake is such a big deal, but yesterday, I understood why. The Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 180) was one of the best we've had. Served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and garnished with a sprinkle of Milo powder on top, it was deliciously creamy and refreshing as hell. Please, if you do go there, get the Chocolate Milkshake. You will not regret it.

On the far right, we have the Orange Juice (Rs. 170.) This had a bit too much sugar, but didn't overpower the natural flavors of the orange. The Passionfruit Juice (Rs. 160) on the far left was the real steal. It wasn't overly sugary, so the sweet and sour notes of the fresh passionfruit came through really nicely. They actually use very fresh-looking fruits in the making, which is probably why these juices taste so good. 

Ambience and Service

Ever seen those juice bars on the side of the road? well, Cafe K belongs to the same category of shops as them. While they don't have a proper seating area, they do have a counter where you can keep your food, get a drink, have a bit of a chat and leave. They even have a couple of tiny stools if you feel like sitting down while you are at it. 

They have a staff of approximately four people, and you'll be able to get your food and out of their hair in a matter of minutes. 


We really liked Cafe K. They have good food, great drinks, they're fast and they're affordable. You can even use your FriMi digital wallet here. Honestly, what else would you look for in a place like this?