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Caker ST

Delivery Based.

A delivery based home baker that does some of the fluffiest pancakes ever.

There are many places to grab pancakes in Colombo, but you have to drop by a fancy cafe to grab them, with some cash in your wallet. Thus, imagine our surprise when we came across Caker ST. on Instagram. 

Caker ST. is a home baker in Colombo that's specialised in all things pancake. 

How To Order

They're available for delivery. 

Keep in mind that they only do breakfast and brunch. They do stay open till around 4 pm sometimes, but it's a safer bet for breakfast. 

The Pancakes 

 The menu at Caker ST. sticks to the fundamentals of pancaking with around 4-6 varieties of sweet pancake options and 3 savoury ones. 

This is the Strawberry and Chili Chocolate Pancake. Clocking in at Rs. 650, the pancakes were accompanied by 3 strawberries, a serving of butter and a small cup of chocolate sauce. 

Thick and very, very fluffy, the pancakes were quite nice. With a tinge of sweetness that can easily be overlooked and a golden-brown exterior, the only problem we had with them was the fact that they tasted really doughy. While most pancakes tend to go for a more milky, buttery taste, these ones tasted more like flour than anything else. It's a possibility that we happened to get them on a not-so-great-day, but while the fluffy texture and everything else was on point, we would have preferred if there was more of a milky sweet taste. 

The Plumpy and super fresh, the strawberries were wonderful. However, the chilli chocolate was essentially Hershey's chocolate sauce with shaved bits of dried chilli hanging around the cup. It could use some more of that because the spicy flavour was almost nonexistent. 

This is the Crunchy Kaya (Rs. 450). Accompanied by the same batch of pancakes as the chilli chocolate, it was quite all right. 

While the honey glazed peanuts with shaved chilli were very nice,(Ed Note: Kaya isn't made up of avocado, it's actually a kind of Coconut jam that we weren't particularly aware of at the time.) the avocado tasted slightly artificial. It could have simply been a sad batch of avocados, but even Bilaal who generally lives for avocados didn't go overboard on this one.

However, the combination of avocados and peanuts was quite nice. The crunchy peanut with the creamy avocado would have added to a solid 10/10 if not for the avocado itself (in this case). 

Our favourite of the lot happened to be the Bacon and Egg Burger (Rs.600). Essentially 2 fluffy pancakes with a layer of bacon and a fried egg, this was the nicest of the lot. 

The pancake in this instance was dotted with pieces of pepper and flavoured with extra salt, which worked really well with the egg and the bacon. Our only problem came when we had finished a quarter of it and realised how carby the whole thing was.

Anyway, if you're looking for a filling breakfast, this is a good one. 


Our experience with Caker ST. was all right. While we do think that they could improve here and there, we think that it's nice that there's somewhere to get pancakes other than having to sit and eat at some cafe or McD's before their breakfast menu expires. 


Delivery Based.



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Western American

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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