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Cakes & Bakes Café

BamabalapityaColombo, Sri Lanka

A premium patisserie with a range of super interesting desserts and short-eats.

Cakes & Bakes was just a patisserie back when we did our First Look. After some time, they also opened a restaurant on their upper floor while retaining the ground floor as the bakery. In this review, we try out some of their baked goodies. 

Food & Drinks

From your usual baked goods - pastries, and snacks, they also offer a range of full cakes. Most of the snacks are priced under Rs. 200, so we went ahead and ordered a whole bunch of them. 

Pictured above - Devilled Beef Burger, Fish Puff Pastry, and Chicken Chinese Roll

The Devilled Beef Burger (Rs. 180) somewhat managed to look better than a fake burger that you'd normally come across in a regular bakery. It came with lettuce chucked inside, providing a bed for all the saucy pieces of meat. While it was plentiful with chunks of beef, it still wasn’t enough to compensate with the amount of bun there is. Plus, the meat was a little tougher for our liking.

On the other hand, the sauce was too sweet that it overpowered every other flavour. Also, there were too many pieces of onion in it, which again got in the way of beefy taste. 

The pastry didn’t have much in terms of fishy flavour even though it was advertised as a Fish Puff Pastry (Rs. 80). It was closer to a vegetable pastry. The curried potato taste subdued whatever the fish flavour there was. But the crust wasn’t too flaky and didn’t leave a huge mess, while the sauce helped to save the day a little.

The Chicken Chinese Roll (Rs. 80) was the last one left standing on the shelf and we are glad we got a bite of that. It had a very flavourful filling with a spicy twist. While the chicken flavour was not dominating, we could taste it in the filling, mixed in with all the spices. The crust itself was not too thick nor too thin and the whole roll seemed fresh. It's a worthy snack.

[Mentioning worthy snacks; We included their maalu paan on the most recent taste-off, so read about that over here. They do a solid fish roll too, which we discovered during our Fish Roll round-up last year.]

We had high hopes for the Blueberry Cheesecake (Rs 490) but we weren't that impressed. It was a giant piece and there was a generous layer of blueberry coulis, but it tasted weirdly sweet. So in this case, more isn’t exactly merrier.

Also, the cheesecake itself was lacking the cheese flavour, and tasted more like whipped cream. The biscuit base wasn’t too thick, which is good, but all in all, the milky and tarty flavours we usually expect from a good cheesecake were not there. 

Pictured above; Chocolate Mousse Tart, Vanilla Muffin, and Mini Eclair

The Chocolate Mousse Tart (Rs. 100), sadly didn’t have any significant chocolate flavour. Its chocolatiness was very faint and the lack of moisture in the mousse was a letdown too. The tart itself was alright - a bit sweet and crumbly.

At first, the Vanilla Muffin (Rs. 90) tasted good but as we kept going at it presented us with a strong whiff of vanilla. With a bit of tweak, they can make this a lot better, since the base had a good consistency and a plump shape to work with.

There was nothing to complain about the Mini Eclair (Rs. 50) - it’s just the right amount of sweetness with plenty of chocolate notes and the cream filling was delicious. Just enough for a bite though. 

We also got ourselves an Iced Coffe (Rs. 100) that tasted more like a chocolate drink, and not a coffee. Had we not known the name, we would have been fine enjoying it since it had a good chocolatey flavour and wasn't overloaded with sugar. Sadly, it only had a very minute level of coffee notes. Still, it served its purpose as a chilled drink.

Ambience & Service

They have plenty of people manning the counter, so you won’t get much of a delay in putting up your order. All of them seemed to know their way around the items and readily explained our inquiries about the full cakes and such. The staff was very chill and had a smile on them all the time.

There’s space to hold about 12 people at a time and it can get crowded, given that this place is surrounded by a bunch of offices. While the place is clean, there was an occasional fly or two that we had to swat away.


If you are passing by and in need to grab a decent snack for a not-so-expensive price tag, Cakes & Bakes is an option. We certainly hope that they keep on improving.


They've got Baklava for 120 LKR a piece!


BamabalapityaColombo, Sri Lanka


It's onto your left side a few metres away from Haig Road.


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Open until 08:30 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

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User Reviews



Mia manzai

we ordered mutton biriyani today at 8.30 pm ,the mutton pieces had fur on them. we immediately called the waiter and the responsible chef but no proper response was given




Mia manzai

we ordered mutton biriyani today at 8.30 pm ,the mutton pieces had fur on them. we immediately called the waiter and the responsible chef but no proper response was given





The Brownie here is a below par. Don't waste your money on it. The Brownie is 20% cake and 80% rock hard ganache. You are better off trying any of the other desserts they offer. The strawberry cheesecake is an exception. It is the best cheesecake I have tried in Colombo (after Cafe Shaze of course)

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