Chinese Dragon Cafe

11 Milagiriya Avenue, Colombo 4

One of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Colombo, Chinese Dragon does an okay job.

It's been a while since our last review of Chinese Dragon, so we decided to try out their deliver for a change. Boy, were we ever disappointed.

The Food

Founded all the way back in 1942, Chinese Dragon is the oldest surviving Chinese restaurant in Sri Lanka. The food here is the definition of Sri Lankanized Chinese. Well, at least that's how we remembered it, until we tried it again.

Now we're not quite sure. What we ended up getting disappointed us to no end, with no real saving grace.

For rice, we went with the shrimp and chicken fried rice ( Rs. 620 for regular). The size was fine (enough for 3) but flavour-wise it was bland at best, with a bit of boiled pale shrimp and shredded chicken scattered around. The rice, while oily, was overcooked and dry with a clear lack of seasoning. Not a promising start.

The beef in black bean sauce (Rs. 350 for small) was passable, but nothing special. The beef was cooked well but compared to the amount of sauce and carrots there was hardly any in there. The sauce, of which there was copious amounts, was very thin and peppery with more carrots than any person needs to eat.

The hot butter cuttlefish (Rs. 639) was the only one of the dishes that we didn't really grimace at. The pieces were smaller than what we've gotten used to but the batter was crunchy with a good spice hit. It's not one of the best HBC, but anything anything even decent would have seemed good at that point compared to the other dishes we got.

We don't generally get mad about dishes, but the sweet and sour pork (Rs. 360 for small) actually managed that. When we first opened the box we were wondering if they had got the order wrong and sent us batter fried jumbo prawns, because that's what it looked like. One bite, and I was like ''what did I just eat?", because it was almost entirely batter with a thin strip of pork in the center.

Sorry about the blurry image, but we just wanted to show that we aren't exaggerating. So you get 8 of these, which looks like a large portion, but then you realize that you pretty much paid for flour. With that much batter adding the sweet and sour sauce hardly made a difference.


When it's the oldest and possibly the most franchised Chinese restaurant in Sri Lanka, we expect a certain standard, value for money and finnese. Sadly, we experienced none of that with their delivery.


11 Milagiriya Avenue, Colombo 4


Milagiriya Avenue is just north of Dickman's Road on Galle Road, as it becomes uniflow. From Marine Drive, it's just near the Bamba flats, between Melbourne and Jaya roads.


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