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Chooty's Kitchen

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Chooty's Kitchen does brilliant wonders with chicken, paired up with their homemade sauces.

Chooty's Kitchen does chicken right. Wings, legs and lollipop - this home cook prepares them well with their range of homemade sauces, and delivers through PickMe Food.

The Chicken

You can order just chicken, or pair them with a side of potato wedges/fried rice for an extra Rs. 200. 

We got the Last Resort Wings (Rs. 450) with the addition of Potato Wedges. Each wings portion that Chooty's Kitchen makes has four full wings neatly placed inside a disposable, environment-friendly cardboard box. 

Smothered in a tangy sauce with a swirl of sweetness running through, the Last Resort Wings left a fruity undertone on our palate. The wings themselves were well-executed too. Showered with sesame seeds and chopped up spring onions, they had a super moist texture on the inside and fell off the bone so easily, while the outside was firm and succulent. If you don't prefer the tanginess, make good use of the lime wedge it comes with. 

Chunky with a little crisp, the potato wedges were alright. 
Boasting rich notes of garlic, the Wake-up Slap Wings (Rs. 450) were a delight. It wasn't fiery as it states in the description, but was tangy and flavoursome nonetheless.

We ordered it with a side of Fried Rice, which was essentially well-cooked, fluffy basmati rice tossed in with bits of carrots and spring onions. Mildly seasoned, but rightly so, as the chicken and the sauce it's drenched in make up for it, this portion of fried rice here was more than enough for one hungry belly. However, a little more flavour in the rice would do no harm. 

We enjoyed adding a bit of lime to it, as the sourness seemed to make it even better. 
Glazed to high heaven with a zesty sauce that carries lemony and mustardy kicks, the Sunny Day Quarter Chicken was a fruity, tangy, and sticky mess. We could get these flavours even from the most inner layer of the chicken, as it had been marinated and prepared so wonderfully.

The sauce did a really good job adding an extra depth to the flavour profile, without drowning out the chickeny goodness. Grab the lime for the extra zing! 

Out of the four flavours, this has to be our favourite - the Fake Tears Lollipops (Rs. 450). Spicy, lemony, garlicky and tangy, the sauce here complements the meat rather than overpowering it. With a little crunch and a wave of spiciness added by the green chillies, it took us only a few minutes to devour it. Plus, just Rs. 450 for eight lollipops - it's quite the steal. 


We highly recommend these meaty delights by Chooty's Kitchen. Their sauces are absolutely brilliant, and there wasn't a scrap of dry meat in sight. Ditch your forks and knives and dive in with your hands, because there's no pretty way of eating them, but we guarantee that they deliver the utmost satisfaction for the price you pay for it. 

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