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Copper Chimney (Hunupitiya)

Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 2

Copper Chimney, the Hunupitiya branch appears to be the original in what has now become a franchise. This is an underrated lunch time only fried-rice kade.

Copper Chimney. The Hunupitiya 'branch' appears to be the original in what has now become a franchise - while the Marine Drive counterpart is fine, it's still an epigone to Hunupitiya's chopped up fried flair. The two rice devoted kades produce visually identical dishes - white beads of samba mixed with veg, a small nugget of orange-tinted chicken and a dollop of sweet ketchup and chilli paste on the side - but there's just something more special - or MSG-riddled - at Hunupitiya.

While we're not 100% sure which of the Copper kades came first, Hunupitiya is, without a doubt, the best. The oomph lacking in Marine Drive's fare is entirely and tastily present here. Slick pearls of buttery (ie. oily) rice are infused with a deep savoury MSG kick, strewn with slim shreds of kan-kun and brownish mottlings of what we assume is either chicken or beef.

At Rs. 130 a packet (an amazing Rs. 60 for veg) you really can't go wrong. Dining in or peering too closely at the surroundings, however, isn't recommended - this isn't hygiene at it's best. Still, a tasty affordable lunch conveniently located in the office district.


If you don't like ketchup with your rice, make sure you tell them before they serve you.


Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 2


It's on the corner of Hunupitiya Road and W. A. D. Ramanayake Road.



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Open 11.00AM to 3.00PM

Price Range

Less than 200

Dish Types

Fried Rice

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