Dream Cafe

Wellawaya road, Ella

A restaurant and a guest house in Ella, that one should check out if craving for some great pizza or a dope Espresso Martini.

The Dream Cafe is a restaurant, and also a guest house. After Buddhika's glowing review of this place, I was quite excited to check it out myself. And boy oh boy, I'm so glad I did so. 


An assortment of Italian, Sri Lankan, and range of other stuff that lies among the lines of sandwiches, burgers, and salads etc., Dream Cafe's menu has quite the diversity. 

The Milano Pizza (Rs. 1200) is one of their biggest sellers, and that's for a very good reason. Each slice of this pie was loaded with bacon; lots and lots of it. The crust was crispy as hell, thin as it could be, and had flecks of charcoal as it had been cooked in a wood-fired oven. Carpeting that, was a slathering of mildly spicy pizza sauce, and then a generous layer of stringy mozzarella. 

The playful burst of tomato lent a bit of tang to the flavour profile, while the black olives work its magic. A highly recommended choice for any pizza lover if you happen to drop by this place. 

Dream Cafe uses some good quality white bread in their paninis. This Chicken Supreme Panini (Rs. 675) was filled to its brim with a mixture made with chicken, capsicum, onion and cheese. The cheese sort of overpowered the chicken flavours, but hey, there's no such thing as too much cheese, am I right?

But in all honesty, it would have been better if they could increase the chicken content a bit. 


We weren't the biggest fan of their Ginger Lemon Mint Juice (Rs. 385). There were kicks of ginger emerging through the drink, but it didn't seem to have the other elements in the right balance. The overall flavour leant on the bland side, and it wasn't refreshing as we anticipated either. 

This Espresso Martini (Rs. 990), however, was top-notch. It's a glass of spiked up coffee that would jolt you awake. The shot of espresso was on point in terms of flavour along with the coffee liqueur and sugar syrup, and the boozy involvement of vodka makes it simply perfect. 

Ambience & Service

Dream Cafe has a bunch of cushy chairs and sofas to keep their diners comfortable, and the addition of fairy lights at night makes it even more wonderful. Like many restaurants in the vicinity, the atmosphere here is quite relaxing too. The servers are some of the friendliest fellows we've met. We were given menus right away, and they were quite happy to assist in choosing the best food choices that go with our appetite. 


Superb pizza and dope Espresso Martini in a chilled-out space that offers some excellent service; our experience at Dream Cafe was simply brilliant. Definitely coming back for more in our next trip to Ella. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re


Try Milano Pizza and Espresso Martini.