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Fuel Restaurant

380 Old Negombo Rd, Wattala

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Fuel Restaurant is an option to grab some popular Lankan and Western-style snacks when you're in Wattala.

When it comes to snacking in Wattala, Fuel Restaurant is one popular spot. It's a tiny place with a nice interior and serves a range of quick bites which you can grab on the go. 


They've got burgers, kottu, rice, Sri Lankan style curries and a few desserts, as well as fresh juices on the drinks section. However, most of them were unavailable as they had run out of some of the ingredients. Therefore, we settled for a plate of Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 250), a Pork Kottu (Rs. 380), and a Nutella Crepe (Rs. 650). 

The rice and curries were presented in clay pots. There were three kinds of protein - chicken, fish and pork, and you can pick one of them to go with your buth plate. It's more of a set menu, so the rest of the plate will be adorned with four veg curries. 

On the day we visited, they had prepared dhal, beans, amberella curries and kos mallum

The white rice was nicely done, and they serve a generous portion of it. The rice-to-curry ratio is spot on too, so you won't have to stop eating because you ran out of curries/rice. 

Our favourite part about this buth plate was the chicken curry. Served with a small helping of well-spiced up gravy, the chicken was nicely cooked through. Thanks to having absorbed all that curry goodness, the meat itself was flavoursome too. 

The dhal and bean curries were on the milky side, while the amberella adding the much-needed tang to the overall flavour. However, we think that the kos mallum needs a bit of spicy kick in it. A sprinkle of pepper should fix this matter.
We're not the biggest fans of fatty pork bits, which is one of the reasons why we weren't too happy about this Pork Kottu. But, if you don't mind that, you're in for a treat.

Seasoned to be on the sweet side, it featured chunks of onions, leeks and carrots adding a good crunch. It definitely needs to be infused with some more spices, because that's one of the best things about Lankan kottu. Not greasy nor dry, it was served with a side of store-bought chilli paste. You can ask for a side of meat gravy for free of charge if you want to spice things up. 

The absolute favourite part about our meal at Fuel was this Nutella Crepe. Featuring a good drizzle of chocolate sauce, this crepe was generously slathered with Nutella; so much so it spills out from its enclosures every time we poke it with a knife/fork. 

The crepe itself is fluffy, soft and isn't overly sweet, so it doesn't interrupt the flavours of the Nutella. This is a good purchase if you find yourself at the Fuel Restaurant.

Ambience & Service

This spot has a very chilled out vibe. They've got a couple of booths, and bean bags for those of you who are sitting down for a meal. We also noticed a rack full of good novels here, if you feel like diving into a book as you gobble down your meal.

The service was friendly and fast. The owner was quite apologetic for not having all the items available, which was quite considerate. 


Fuel Restaurant is not a bad option to grab a meal if you live around the area. Their portions are decent, and price-wise, they're not heavy on the wallet either.

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User Reviews
Avatar for Preveen




From someone who lives around the area, yup, one of our favourite spots. Also, I think that Kottu is just fine, I order mine without chille or chille paste.

Avatar for Preveen




From someone who lives around the area, yup, one of our favourite spots. Also, I think that Kottu is just fine, I order mine without chille or chille paste.

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