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Ganeshism Studio Gallery

38 Rodrigo Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

A studio gallery in Kotte displaying art by artist Mahen Chanmugam.

Ganeshism Studio Gallery is probably the most personalized gallery we've been to. Why?, because unlike other galleries that showcase art, Ganeshism happens to also be the home of the artist involved. It has its perks, we'll explain later. 

To those of you who don't know him, Mahen Chanmugam is a Sri Lankan artist known for his vibrant paintings of Lord Ganesh. Chanmugam's work isn't religious - but instead, he sees Lord Ganesh as a route to higher consciousness and a mirror to one's own soul. 

We dropped in on a Sunday to check it out and here's how it went. 

The Place

The gallery doesn't scream gallery at first glance, but it doesn't whisper it either. What we did find was a small tarred hill with a monster of a gate with 38 on it. So, instead of looking for a 'gallery', seek a gate, and the paintings will follow. 

Walking in, we were met with an array of paintings of Lord Ganesh in various stances and appearances. From colourful close-ups and a series of chromatic postcards to largely illuminated depictions of the god, the walls in Ganeshism has a lot of beautiful pieces to offer. 

Moving further into the gallery, we were faced with a very foggy boundary between the gallery and the artists home. Honestly, it is a haven for all you artsy folk. Saffron coloured walls, a piano, a cement bowl with water lilies and vines! Lots and lots of greenery to make everything so so nice. Don't worry, they're quite open to visitors so they'll probably be quite happy to show you around. 

The Paintings

Since you're in the GAMU side of the website, we assume you're looking to buy some art. Chanmugam's paintings are wonderfully colourful, as you may be able to tell from the pictures. While he does have some originals up for grabs, he also has the option of purchasing reproductions which are basically high-quality canvas prints of the original paintings. Prices range from Rs. 3000 for posters and Rs. 7000 for canvas paintings.

Aside from those, the Ganeshism Studio Gallery also has the option of purchasing postcards (Rs. 300)  and some beautifully done cloth bags, purses and such which are done by Mahen Chanmugams mother (they have some Christmas special items available for the season). They plan to introduce more items like t-shirts and jewellery soon, so keep a lookout. For more information on the purchasing aspect of things, We suggest clicking here. 

We should probably let you know that the Chanmugam's also have monthly events in their home which basically includes food, wine, and art. You can get call at 077 351 9237 (Rachel) and get more details on that. 

The People 

From the time we entered their home to the moment we left, the Chanmugam's were as hospitable as anyone could possibly get. They not only showed us all the paintings inside the gallery and their house, but they also gave us the stories behind them as well. We spent over an hour there, listening to various takes on paintings and how they ended up on his walls. He even showed us some paintings he had done a while back.

Apart from the paintings, we were also introduced to their two cats and the dog. They encourage visitors too, so go on ahead and make an appointment. 


All in all, we loved our experience here. From the paintings to the place to the family and their pets. We have no complaints. If you're looking for some beautiful works of art of Lord Ganesh, there's possibly no better place to get it than here. 


Make a reservation with Rachel before you go.


38 Rodrigo Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


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