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Goodness Groceries

No 12, Kirulapone Market, Colombo 5

Get it delivered on Pickme Food

A groceries outlet that is available as a physical store as well as through PickMe Food.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you are out of groceries but not in a position to hustle? And we have rainy days at hand too. Combine the two and you have to get out of your cosy pyjamas and get yourself to the grocery store. Or what if you just don't have the time to grab some groceries on the way home?

So what if there’s someone who can deliver quality groceries to your door or workplace? Step in, PickMe Food. 

This might raise a bunch of questions though. Does it come to you on time? Are the goods, good? Are they priced reasonably? 

Well, we're happy to answer. 

How To Order

The process here is quite simple, just like you’d order food through PickMe Food. Go into the PickMe app, tap on Food and search "groceries" and the Goodness Groceries shop will come up - given you are in the radius of delivery, which is about 5km give or take from Kirulapone Market. 

They have veggies, fruits, spices and grams and such, and given that it's the long weekend, we thought of grabbing some groceries to check it out. 

What we ordered

In our haul there was, 200g of Green Grapes (Rs. 193),  500g of Carrots (Rs. 66), 100g of Pepper Seeds (Rs. 115), 100g of Chickpeas (Rs.63)  200g of Small Red Onions (Rs. 50), 200g of Kolikuttu Banana (Rs. 60). 

They came packaged in paper bags. The green grapes and bananas came wrapped in a separate paper bag while the peas and seeds were individually packaged in small polyethene covers. The carrot and onions were chilling at the bottom of the bag.

All the prices are in the range of what you’d expect while some of them were cheaper than major supermarkets.

We couldn't help but pop in one fresh grape after the other and the bananas were ripe and undamaged too. There was nothing whatsoever to complain about the carrots, chickpeas and onions or pepper, as we took them home, cooked and ate them only to find them as quality goods. 


PickMe is a platform, so the interesting point here is that they have the option now for anyone to make use of it, buying or selling and coupled with our ever-loving need to “save the hassle” we feel this can take off.


No 12, Kirulapone Market, Colombo 5

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