Grill Mansion

Aluth Kade, Colombo

Great, and satisfying grilled food at a cheap price!

Aluthkade is well known for the exquisite, mouth-watering street food available. From freshly grilled/ toasted buns filled with sausages and meatballs, short eats amply filled with the most savoury fillings, freshly made sandwiches with various sorts of wholesomeness packed in between the bread, to the tangy, freshly fried babath; they've got it all. 

Which is why we were excited to check out Grilled Mansion at AluthKade, and they did not disappoint us. Sticking to the spirit of food at Aluth Kade, they delivered in style.

The Food

They serve a range of burgers and submarines, along with a few relishing desserts and surprisingly good milkshakes. The smell of food, wafting from the trays tantalized us with expectancy, and the flavours of the food - very impressive. 

Oozing with cheese, and generously filled with amazing grilled beef cubes, holy cow, the Beef Submarine (Rs. 480) was good! The bun, adorned with sesame seeds, was fresh, crisp and warm, and the filling was heavenly!

If you're a fan of pickles, well, the Grill Mansion is definitely the place for you to go to, because when they add pickles, it's not just a couple of thin slices. The pickles here perfectly complement the filling, and manages to not overpower any other component; Rick Sanchez must have had his inspiration from here

The Chilli Chicken Submarine (Rs. 460) we opted for, as the name suggests, could not have been handled with anyone who is not used to spicy food. Bland would be the last word we would use to describe the Chilli Chicken Sub, as it swept us off of our feet!

The side of fries that came with the subs were also fresh, crispy, and looked as golden as ever.

Assuming that the Khabib Burger is one that would definitely pack a punch, we wanted to try out the NY Beef Burger (Rs. 420), and were elated when we did realize that this was indeed fit for a king! The beef patty was perfectly prepared, while the fresh tomatoes and lettuce, along with the oozing cheese in the filling, all came together to make the perfect beef burger. 

We weren't huge fans of the Spicy Chicken Wings (Rs. 190), which wasn't very succulent and a little too greasy, but the other food sort of made up for it.

*Pictured above - Oreo Shake (left) and Caramel Shake (right)

The Oreo (Rs. 250) and Caramel (Rs. 270) Shakes were heavenly! The oreo infused shake also had lots of chunks of the biscuit and a perfectly fine concoction, that was not too milky and one that did not overpower the taste of the oreo.

The Caramel Shake was on a whole other level, with it being similar to having a not-so-sickly-sweet, caramel syrup instead of a milkshake, which was amazing! 

The desserts were the perfect nail in the coffin. Like Andare had space for curd, a popular dessert in the South even in the days of yore, we too, were intent on tasting the desserts they offered. The Rocky Road (Rs. 100) and Tres Leche (Rs. 150), both, were surprisingly good, and the Chocolate Mousse (Rs. 120) was perfectly airy, smooth on the palate, divinely chocolatey. 

Ambience and Service

Don't allow the name to mislead you, the Grill Mansion is quite far from being branded as a mansion; it's more of a deli, with a table inside that can accommodate around 3/4 people, and chairs outside the restaurant, where you can enjoy the food. 

The staff too were friendly and accommodating, describing to us the dishes on their menu, and ever ready to answer any and all questions, and get the seating arrangements sorted. 


If you're feeling a bit off because of the Brave Blossoms losing to the Springboks, or if you're just super happy because of the Springboks getting themselves a berth in the semis of the RWC, the food will definitely help you to enter a state of satisfaction. It doesn't dent your wallet either, and the food is amazing! We highly recommend! 


Try the Caramel Shake!


Aluth Kade, Colombo


Open until 12:00 AM

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Less than 500

Dish Types

Candy Bready Burgers Submarines


Fast Food

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