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The Blue Swan

12A, Greenlands Avenue, Colombo 5

The Blue Swan is a great place for original Hansa coffee and chocolate, and brownies. It's an affordable, cosy coffee lounge.

Hansa Coffee is a wonderful little cafe for coffee, tea, brownies, sandwiches, and original Hansa chocolate. We love their cosy interior and all the chocolatey options they've got on the menu.

Food & Coffee


They've got a few sandwiches here and we got the seeni sambol toast. It's tasty (how can seeni sambol not be?) and not bad for Rs. 300.


They've also got a mean brownie here that has got the distinct taste of Hansa's own chocolate, and comes in a decent size for just Rs. 150, so you can't go wrong getting one of these. We also got the Brownie Shake (Rs. 350) to go with it and it's one of my favourite drinks ever - it's a very big chilled glass of super chocolatey milkshake with wonderful little bits of brownie in it.


They have plenty of interesting things on the menu, like Hot Chilli Chocolate, Ice Cream Soda, Chocolate Tea and Chocolate Protein Shake with Peanuts, though not everything is available all the time. We got a steaming cup of Espresso Chocolate Truffle. This was for Rs. 320 and it's very thick and super chocolatey, so on a rainy day this is a perfect choice.



Hansa Coffee is a cosy little room with a few cushy seats on wooden frames, about enough for 10 or 12 people - we included it in our list of Colombo Book Nooks. We usually see the same loyal customers that return for Hansa's brand of chocolate and coffee. It's also known for Colombo's 'Annasi & Kadalagotu' poetry meetings. It's small though, so it's nice if there's just two or three other customers but if there's more it feels crowded.


The decor is pretty random and quirky, with these patterns painted on the kitchen door, and random things on the walls like a novelty Sri Lankan map, a tiny frame of Mona Lisa and a giant colourful lizard. Service is simple, you just make your order at the coffee counter and it arrives a few minutes later.



Hansa Coffee is a great place for your chocolate related needs and for a nice chill session with a friend or by yourself. And considering it's a coffee lounge, the prices are good (Rs. 1000 for two of us).


You can't go wrong picking a chocolatey drink here.
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The Blue Swan operates from their home-base now.

Hansa Coffee has been renamed as The Blue Swan.

We've always been a fan of Hansa's toasties, coffee and chocolate based drinks, and it's nice to see how they've kept their game strong even during a time when new cafes are popping every corner in town. 

Hansa Coffee is a great place for original Hansa coffee and chocolate, and brownies. It's an affordable, cosy coffee lounge.

This little coffeeshop on Fife road is really a breath of fresh air. More accurately, a breath heavy with the scent of freshly brewed coffee. It's really just a hole in the wall but its lack of pretension, excellent local coffee and reasonable prices (Rupees 100-200 for any conceivable sort of coffee) are a slap in the face to Colombo’s larger, overpriced mediocrity-peddling, Starbucks imitation coffee houses.

සිංහල අපි මෙතැනට ගොඩ වුණේ කැෆේ එක ඇරලා විනාඩි 30කින් වගේ. හැබැයි මෙනුවේ තියෙන සේරම කෑම ගන්න තිබුණා.

සිංහල ෆයිෆ් පාරේ පිහිටි මේ පුංචි කෝපිහල ඇත්තෙන්ම නැවුම් හුස්මකි. වඩාත් නිවැරදිව කියනවා නම් වත් කරන ලද ඉස්තරම් නැවුම් කෝපි සුවඳින් බර හුස්මකි. එය බිත්තියේ සිදුරක් වැනි පුංචි ඉඩකි. එහෙත්, බොරු සෝබන නැති එහි කදිම දේශීය කෝපි සාධාරණ මිලට ඇත. (ඕනෑම සිතාගතහැකි කෝපි වර්ගයක මිළ රු‍. 100ත් 200ත් අතර වේ.) එය ඇත්තෙන්ම කොළඹ සුවිසල් හීනමානී ස්ටාර්බක්ස් අනුකරණ කෝපිහල්වලට නියම කම්මුල්පාරකි.


12A, Greenlands Avenue, Colombo 5



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