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Health House by Fit Meals

Horton Place, 08 Arunachalam Ave, Colombo 07

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Fit Meal's very own restaurant in Horton Place.

Health House by Fit Meals is the pretty new restaurant opened up by Fit Meals - a home-based venture that's specialized in healthy food. 

Ambience & Service

Health House is a neatly kept, not so little resto with beautifully painted doors and walls which have a tropical vibe going through it. They have enough tables and chairs, both inside and outside of the restaurant, but we'd recommend the indoor seating. It's much nicer. 

We received some good service at the Health House. The place wasn't crowded, and the staff gave us space while we were trying to figure out what to order, but lightning-fast when they realized that we're ready. Anywho, the food arrived in around 10 minutes. Not one dish, all of them. 

The Food

This is the Grilled Peanut Chicken (Rs. 800). Served with a fluffy pillow like a dome of Basmati rice, the giant piece of chicken on the side was fascinatingly good. Seasoned to perfection and slathered with a generous amount of extremely creamy peanut sauce, this was an absolute pleasure to devour. The grilled veggies were pretty standard - except for the grilled pumpkin. After which I decided to always grill my pumpkin before eating. 

Moving on to the Penne Florence (Rs. 650) with Grilled Beef (Rs. 250) - this dish may look small, but actually, it isn't. If it was enough to fill up a very hungry me, we guarantee that this will be more than enough for you. Soaked in tomato puree, spinach, and various other ingredients, this is worth every cent you pay for it. Not particularly salty and generously peppered with chunks of beef, it's hard to not finish this and not feel guilty.

Lastly, we have the Chicken Satay (Rs. 490). This was the only one that left us with a raised eyebrow. The Chicken was nicely done and all, but for 490, we'd suggest getting something else. I mean, three tiny skewers for Rs. 490,..really?


Before ordering they told us that they weren't able to get the fruits for the juices and smoothies. However, halfway through our meal, they informed us that the fruits had arrived. They also advised us that the smoothie would be too filling. which turned out to be true because we ended up bringing most of it back to the office.

Thick and creamy with strong hints of both Mango and yogurt, Mango Mania (Rs. 550) was quite good, but we recommend not getting food if you choose to get this. I'm not the biggest fan of the combination of banana and yogurt, but I know that most people do like it. So, give it a shot.

They didn't have disposable cups when we asked to take our smoothie as we were too full to drink most of it, so they were kind enough to put a lid on the glass jar and gave it to us instead of asking us to wait until they find a takeout cup from somewhere.  Again, 10/10 for the service. 


We are now fans of Health House. It's super clean, the service was great, they serve up some good food which is, in fact, healthy! What's not to love?


If you're getting a smoothie, don't bother with food. Get an appetizer instead.

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