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Hillside Kings Villa Apartment


A homestay in a leafy retreat.

Hidden amidst nothing else but greens, leaves and vines, Hillside Kings Villa is a colonial-style house in Hikkaduwa flipped into a homestay. It's more of an assortment of separate one-bedroom apartments, and one of the cheapest of that kind in the area. 

Ambience & Service

It's like a leafy nook. Very calm and quiet with a dash of serenity. The whole land is a rich oasis with lush greenery and looks like a modernised version of a walawwa in an old Sinhala movie. With leaves whispering to each other at the slightest caressing of the cool, gentle breeze, it gives you a peace of mind; which is essentially what anyone would look for in a vacation. 

We booked our apartment through; a Double Deluxe apartment with air conditioning which was priced at Rs. 2,718. Given that it was for 31st night, we made sure to call them up before making the booking to confirm the availability of the room, and informed them again after the reservation to reaffirm it.

However, upon our arrival, we were told that they do not have any airconditioned rooms available. According to the hostess, one of the air-conditioned rooms had been booked for two whole weeks, while the other one is reserved for a tourist who is on her way to the place, with the hostess's husband (who we contacted on the phone before and after making the booking) as we speak. 

Anyway, they offered us the last remaining non-AC room, along with two stand fans, which we accepted as almost all the places around were fully booked for days. Given that this place comes with an ample parking space, it seemed like a convenient choice.

Aside from that, they were quite helpful throughout our stay. The price for the room does not cover breakfast, but you can order them up in the morning. If you prefer something in the Sri Lankan (like milk rice) side, you need to inform them on the day before, but no such notifications are needed if it's a simple omelette, sausage and bread combo. 


The outside of our apartment looked like this. Roofed with ulu (roof tiles), it's small, homely, and has a colonial touch to it. However, the floor of the room did not seem to be maintained well. There was a layer of dust covering the floor, which was quite unappealing. 

Nonetheless, the bed was comfy. Covered with bed curtains, the sheets were clean and neatly arranged. 

There was an old-timey dresser, and a couple of chairs and a table to keep the belongings. 
If that's not enough, there is this rack by the door. 

The bathroom seems to be a newly added component to the room. It was clean, spotless, and featured the promised amenities; towels, soap, dustbin, and a roll of toilet paper. 


If you're a solo traveller or looking for a place to crash after partying in Hikka, this is an option. 




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