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Isle of Gelato (Food Studio)

Colombo City Centre, 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo

  • Closed right now

One of the best gelaterias in the country, Isle of Gelato has outlet in Food Studio.

For a city gushed with a whole bunch of ice creameries, Colombo has only a few gelaterias. Thankfully though, all of them are quite great. 
Isle of Gelato was a stop that I never forget to make whenever I find myself in Galle. Them opening a branch in Colombo (inside Caramel Pumpkin) was a dream come true for every gelato lover in the city, including myself. It was closed down a few weeks ago but worry not - their outlet in Food Studio has got your back! 

The Gelato

Isle of Gelato crafts up over 70 flavours and each of them is created with so much passion, by the owners themselves. They do both gelato and sorbets, and out of the lot available at Food Studio, we chose four - Almond Mochaccino, Peanut Butter, Holy Grail and Lychee Raspberry (Rs. 450 each). 

*Pictured above - Almond Mochaccino (left) and Peanut Butter (right)

If you've been a fan of Isle of Gelato, by now you should know that they use 100% raw ingredients to make their goodies. Plus, the milk content here is quite low, which only makes the gelato even better, as it gives the opportunity to the flavours to stand out without holding back. As for texture, it's light, smooth, very creamy and tends to melt in your mouth so easily. 

  • A mash-up of coffee, chocolate, almond and caramel - it's highly doubtful that one would hate something like this. It's four reasons right there not to say no to Isle of Gelato's Almond Mochaccino. Whether it be a chocolate lover, or a coffee lover, this one fits the bill perfectly. 

The dominating chocolate flavour grabs your attention first, and the hints of coffee slowly ease it in, while the caramel notes balance out the overall flavour by being a sweet delight. And the chunks of almonds? They're for a good crunch! 

  • With pieces of peanut brittles to go with every spoonful, the Peanut Butter gelato was superb too. The base here was very milky and had a subtle swirl of sweetness running through. 

*Pictured above - Holy Grail (left) and Lychee Raspberry (right)
  • Oh, Holy Grail! An irresistible concoction of chocolate ice cream, peanut brittle, and salted caramel, making for an ultimate flavour explosion. These three elements are flavoursome on its own, so imagine how brilliant it could taste when you put them all together in the same mix! 

The chocolate flavour rules here, while the bits of salted caramel and peanut brittle adding more depth and a good crunch to the overall taste. 

  • Icy in texture, but rightly so, the Lychee Raspberry sorbet lives up to its name. There was a proper balance between sweet and sour elements, and lots of fruitiness. 


The service here is pretty straightforward as every other restaurant in Food Studio. You place the order, pay at the counter as you collect it. However, if you're not sure about which flavour to get, you can ask the staff to help you out with a sample. 


You cannot go wrong with the Isle of Gelato - it's definitely one of the best places to satisfy your gelato cravings in the country. Their flavours are unique and have been consistently good no matter where they are. 


Colombo City Centre, 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo


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Closed right now

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Love their stuff. Nice flavours





Love their stuff. Nice flavours

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