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Jack Tree

200, Park Road, Colombo 5

Jack Tree's food is pretty tasty, if you eat here you're probably going to eat till it hurts a little to walk. It is however, pricey. Is it authentic Thai? We didn't think so, you get food here that the Sri Lankan palate is quite used to.

Situated down Park Road, Jack Tree does Thai and Chinese cuisine. They're run by the same group that runs The Mango Tree, which in turn whips up some pretty decent North Indian food. Jack Tree's got a pretty great vibe going on with a shaded and dimly lit interior upstairs, with some decent music playing. Their food, while okay, isn't mind blowing. However, their fresh fruit juices are pretty dope.

Food and Service

We opted to open with their Sweet Corn Chicken Soup (Rs. 425). While it came to the table steaming hot and laden with chunks of chicken, the soup itself was a tad denser than usual, and a bit too corn-starchy. Other than the almost porridgy thickness, the soup was alright in terms of flavour, with generous amounts of both sweet corn and chicken swimming in solidified egg whites.

Next, we went for a large Chicken Pad Thai (Rs. 1395) along with a Sizzling Beef Platter (Rs. 925).

The Pad Thai was also generous in portion, but was rather underwhelming where taste was concerned.

It was surprisingly sweet and my friend, who practically lived off on pad thai while he was in Thailand, said that it lacked the tang of lemongrass and the actual taste of pad thai which he got there. On the bright side though, it's an enourmous portion so you can easily share it among four people (or three, if all of you are ravenous).

The beef was unexpectedly disappointing because it was like a regular dry beef curry, albeit a very chewy one. We brought some back to office, and some of the others found it quite hard to eat because of how tough and gristly it was.

For drinks, we tried their grape juice (Rs. 450) which was beautifully executed. Many places get juices wrong, either pouring too much water or sugar into it and thereby losing the essence of what makes a good fruit juice, but this was spot on.

It was liquified grape, nice and chilled, wonderfully not saccharine sweet. Pretty perfect for a hot day!

Their Peach Iced Tea (Rs. 350) on the other hand, had a chockful of undissolved sugary syrup at the bottom.

It came filled with slices of lime as well, which was pretty refreshing, but the essence of the peach flavoured tea was lost among the syrup and citrusy overtones.

For dessert, we were told a couple of their items were unavailable after we placed the order, so we eventually settled for banana fritters with ice cream (Rs. 425).

Despite its rather unappealing appearance, it was quite good, with the fritters being hot-hot and crunchy on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside. It contrasted pleasantly with the dollop of vanilla ice cream which accompanied it.

Service is friendly and efficient, with the waitstaff always being around. Nothing much to say about them really, because there wasn't anything particularly noteworthy.


We loved the ambience of the dining area upstairs, because of how muted and calm the whole set up was. The interior was two toned, with green and beige being the colour scheme, and Jack Tree carries it off unexpectedly well. The area didn't feel crowded either, so that's a win.


Lovely ambience, nice staff, but meh food which in the end isn't actually worth the cash you fork out for it. We're ok with splurging when the food's great, but we expect a lot more when prices are hiked up — especially when a beef dish is nearly a thousand bucks and is below average.




Drink all the ambarella juice!


200, Park Road, Colombo 5


Park Road is past the Police Park, the turn is almost right after the BRC Ground. Drive in till you see the Cargills Food City supermarket on your left, it's right opposite it.


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Open 11.00AM to 11.00PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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