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Kaha Bath Gedara

No. 28, Diyawanna Gardens, Pelawatte

Best yellow rice and curry you will ever have!

Kaha Bath Gedara is a home-based business primarily doing delivery and takeaway but they will be opening up an outlet soon (which we eagerly await!).

How to Order

You can place your order via their Facebook page or call/text this number (077 786 2672).

Lunch orders should be placed before 9 am and dinner orders before 3 pm. You can either pick it up from their home or get it delivered. They are very responsive and the process is super smooth and easy. Minimum order is 4 packs.

The Food

In terms of food, they don't have a wide selection but what they do have is brilliantly prepared and unpretentious. There's prawn, fish and chicken yellow rice along with Chocolate Biscuit Pudding for dessert. We ordered three rice packs, one of each. They also have Pilau and Sawaans. The food is cooked by their mum, so obviously it's made with love.

The Prawn Rice (Rs. 450) was delightful! Aside from the prawns, there was batu moju, fish cutlet, tempered potato, a boiled egg and a mixture of papadam, murukku and kaju.

The samba rice was cooked well with a fair amount of turmeric spice. The prawns were excellently spiced with their shells removed so it was easy to bite into. The moju was sweet and delicious. The cutlet was tasty enough with mashed potatoes, fish and green chillies. It wasn't soggy per se but we would have liked it better if it had a crunchier coating. Best of all was that papadam, murukku and kaju mixture which was crispy, crunchy and salty. It spiked up the flavours and made biting a lot less boring. 

Next up was the Chicken Rice (Rs. 380) which was equally delicious and salivating. The chicken was just like the one your mum makes; tender and juicy with a spicy gravy. The veggies were the same as before, with the addition of a mango curry which I found to be a bit too sour. 

The Fish Rice (Rs. 380) was superb! The ambul thiyal gives you that oomph with perfectly balanced sourness and spicy flavour. It was skillfully prepared that we can only assume they have some connection to Galle (or somewhere around that area) because you can't cook fish this good if you don't know about it well enough. 

They also know how to balance the spices. The portion was easily enough for two people and the curries were adequate that we didn't find ourselves left with rice and no curry towards the end.

The CBP is hands down the best I have ever tried. With just Rs. 100 this is an excellent indulgence! The texture was creamy, gooey and chocolatey with milk-soaked Marie biscuits. It wasn't overly sweet and the roasted, caramelised peanuts balanced out the flavours perfectly.


This is undeniably one of the best spots to order a delicious and filling lunch. You can get all this under Rs. 1500 which is an amazing deal, considering the quality and the quantity of the food. We highly recommend it!


Don't forget to try their Chocolate Biscuit Pudding.
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